RURUTIA [Chorian] (Fifth Album)

October 17, 2008

Reirei Tenohira (玲々テノヒラ; Midas Touch)
Haiiro no Ame (Album ver) (星に花、灰色の雨; Flower for a star, Gray-coloured rain)
Mizugeshiki Hoshi Moyou (水景色 星模様; Watery Landscape, Star Design)
Negai no Todoku Hi (願いの届く日; The Day You Reach Your Wishes)
Time Traveler
Hohoemi no Maria (微笑みのマリア; Smiling Virgin Mary)
Magnolia no Joukei (マグノリアの情景; A Spectacle of Magnolias)

The first track on the album is the completely out there ABINTRA. This song played just like a Ali Project song, I mean if I didn’t know this was Rurutia I would have swore this was Ali Project. The arrangement was crazy, dark and moody. I really enjoyed it even if it did seem to overpower even Rurutia’s vocals at some points. I thought Rurutia’s tone in this song was perfect, and I loved how she picked it up during the chorus. I mean this would be the perfect theme song for a game like Fatal Frame, or a horror movie. It would blend in smoothly and create just the right, creepy atmosphere.

The next track is the somewhat down-tempo Reirei Tenohira (玲々テノヒラ; Midas Touch). After listening to the stand-out ABINTRA I was pretty disappointed with this one. I mean the arrangement is not very ear-catching and I found myself not really paying attention to it, but I think that was more because Rurutia’s voice, though not as bad as it could have been kept sounding like it was going out, and the whole effect was really irritating. The song is very stale, and nothing about it pops out and grabs your attention. Rurutia’s vocal tones however, is what in the end, ruins this track.

The next track on the album is the lovely Haiiro no Ame (Album ver) (星に花、灰色の雨; Flower for a star, Gray-coloured rain). I didn’t pay much attention to this track at first, because I was only listening to it with half an ear and Rurutia’s vocals did not appeal to me. As the song progressed, at the second part of the song when Rurutia says, ‘what am I supposed to do, suppose to do?’ I got really into the song. I mean Rurutia’s vocals are a lot better in this track than it was in the previous, and the sort of dryness of her tone fits right in. The arrangement is smooth, airy and sounds religious in a sense, like something you’d hear in a church especially when the background vocals come into play. Nice track.

The next track on the album is the whimsical Mizugeshiki Hoshi Moyou (水景色 星模様; Watery Landscape, Star Design). I really adore this song, because it’s just so airy and smooth. The arrangement is very crisp and sparkly; clear. Rurutia’s vocals were really lovely, she sung this in a slow, lilting way that really made the song stick. I love the, ‘hey-ye, hey-yah’ I can’t really spell out how its said, but it brings such an appeal to this song, and makes it seem very wistful and longing.

The next track on the album is the somewhat down-tempo Negai no Todoku Hi (願いの届く日; The Day You Reach Your Wishes). This was an all right song. I liked the arrangement, though it wasn’t anything special, I did enjoy how windy it seemed and how it made the whole flow of the song seem very inspirational. There was some notable strain and dryness in Rurutia’s vocal tones, mostly during the chorus, but it wasn’t to the point of it being distracting or irritating. This is a nice track, though not one that is very memorable.

The next track on the album is the brief SPINEL. This song is not so much boring as it is uninteresting. It went completly over my head. The arrangement is very dull, and I can’t even really remember it, but I guess I heard a guitar somewhere in there. Rurutia’s vocal performance was nauseating, from the minute she started singing I wanted her to stop, and I normally really like Rurutia’s voice, but it was just so drab and disinterested in this song. I first thought of the Spinel’s you had to shoot down in Resident Evil Four, when I read the title, and I was thinking about that game while listening to this song. It was very brief, to be over four minutes and I believe that’s why I don’t like this song. I mean I turned my head and when I turned back it was already in the center of the song, and everything before and after was a blur. Plus this song sounds very familiar, like I’ve heard it from her before.

The next track on the album is the rather heartwarming Time Traveler. It’s incredibly slow-paced, and brief. But unlike the previous song, when this one ends you really feel as if you retained something from it. I loved the light piano arrangement it has, it really set the tone and made the song seem very mournful and poignant. Rurutia’s vocals were just perfect for a down-tempo song such as this, and really made it emotional and deep, even if it doesn’t seem like a very emotional or deep song. Also I noticed that when the song first started it sounded so much so like one of Chihiro Onitsuka’s songs, I know what song I’m thinking about but I can’t place the title. Luckily it became its own song as it progressed.

The next track on the album is the pretty dull PARADE. I think I actually liked this song at one point, I’m not sure why. The arrangement is the type of arrangement that’s just there, and plays just to give the song something to go along too, but wouldn’t be able to stand on its own. It also sounded very techno-ish, but dark in a sense. Rurutia’s vocal performance was really just dead, and sometimes she bordered on robotic. The arrangement and Rurutia’s vocals really drained this song of all life, and made it just a chore to listen too.

The next track is the pretty uninteresting Hohoemi no Maria (微笑みのマリア; Smiling Virgin Mary). I don’t know, this song is just really, really dull to me. The arrangement was very static and played like air. Rurutia’s vocals were very breathy and strained and the whole effect made the song impossible and long-winded.

The last ACTUAL track on the album is the atmospheric Magnolia no Joukei (マグノリアの情景; A Spectacle of Magnolias). This is the last real track on the album, since the rest are instrumentals. I loved how dream-like and folksy this song was. The arrangement was very smooth and easy on the ears, making the song play like a beautiful lullaby. Rurutia’s vocals weren’t hurried at all and she really brought the lullaby-like appeal out it in this song, making it a perfect album closure.

The next five tracks are instrumentals, those instrumentals being that of the first track ABINTRA, the fourth track Mizu Keshiki Hoshi Moyou, the fifth track Mizu Keshiki Hoshi Moyou, the sixth track SPINEL and the ninth track Hohoemi no Maria. They’re all pretty good instrumentals, but I only cared for Mizu Keshiki Hoshi Moyou.

Rating: *1/2 stars

Rurutia’s fifth and latest album Chorion was all right, I guess, but by no means was it good. The two best Rurutia albums in my opinion are Water Forest and Promised Land, and this is at the moment my least favorite Rurutia album. I mean she does have some good songs on this, ABINTRA, Mizu Keshiki Hoshi Moyou, Time Traveler and Magnolia no Joukei. The rest were really pretty bad or pretty forgettable. The main thing I really didn’t like about this album, and what really kept me from putting it in the B range, was the fact that she had tacked on about five pointless and seemingly endless instrumentals. It seemed wasteful, and were just there to make the album seem longer. Rurutia didn’t have the best vocals or arrangements really going into this album which sucks because she has such gorgeous songs when put to the right compositions and tones, so I don’t know what went wrong with this album–I expect Rurutia to deliver magic every time, and I didn’t really get that this time around. Its not a bad album, Chorion is still worth a listen or two, especially for Rurutia fans, but her mini albums do her more justice, those and her second and third albums.


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