Se7en [24/Se7en] (Third Korean Album)

October 17, 2008

Intro 24~7
I Know (Feat. Teddy)
Love Story (Feat. Masta Wu)
come back part 2
Oh-No! (Feat. Teddy)
Heaven (Interlude)
all night long
Because I want to live
The One

Worm (Feat. Jinu)
Block my mouth (Feat. Perry)
Follow Me (Interlude)
Baby U
Run (Feat. G-Dragon, Taekwon)
A Departure Like Ice
Just Like That Guy

7Virus (Outro)

The album starts off with the intro track Intro 24~7. I hear them counting down from 1 to 7 (no surprise there) and then Se7en is aud-libbing, he sings briefly and the song ends.

The next track is the forgettable I Know. Its a collaboration track and it feat. Teddy from 1tym. I thought this song was pretty baseless, its kind of pop, dance-club and a bit rnb. The arrangement is nothing and Se7en’s vocal performance was all right, but it wasn’t anything special. Teddy’s rap was ignorable at best, and the only thing that I really paid attention too was the chorus because it was pretty catchy, but still not enough to save this song from being unoriginal, bland and bad.

The next track is the somewhat sensual Love Story. This is the second collaboration track on the album and it feat. Masta Wu. I really liked this song, and I really thought I wouldn’t. It has more of an rnb vibe as compared to the previous song, and the arrangement though simple is a lot better and ear-catching. Se7en’s vocals were very good, I loved when he sung the verses because his voice was so controlled and consistent, and the chorus was really nice, catchy and just an easy flow. Masta Wu’s rap was actually pretty good, I did find myself enjoying it even it I did hate when he said, ‘this one’s for my shortie right here’ in the beginning.

The next track on the album is the down-tempo come back part 2. This is part two of my absolute favorite Se7en song. I didn’t really think I was going to like this song when I first heard it awhile back, and I thought how could he possibly part two the original which was perfect. Se7en slows it down a little more, adds in more melancholy and some harmonization and you have one moving part two of a song. I at one point thought this was sadder than the original, but I don’t know, it is in a sense–but the original is still better because it has more emotion.

The next track is the uninteresting Oh-No!. It is yet another collab track, feat. Teddy once again. This song played like a moderately catchy dance track, but it never gets fast enough and at a certain point becomes incredibly bland. Teddy’s rap wasn’t very interesting and its throwing me through a loop because he’s a pretty good rapper, it just didn’t really show in this or I Know. This track plays like lukewarm water and is ultimately forgettable.

The next track is the albums first interlude Heaven (Interlude). It has the customary ‘7’ count-down in the beginning and then Se7en starts singing. ‘It feels like heaven’, its all so wasteful.

The next track on the album is the 80’s esque all night long. I mean not exactly 80’s, but the arrangement gives it this disco, night at the roller rink vibe that is very appealing. Se7en’s vocals are good as well as fun and they keep you really engaged in the song since the whole flow really makes you want to get up and dance. Its like a song you would play at a throw-back party in tribute to the 80’s or something.

The next track on the album is the down-tempo Because I want to live. Its more of a power ballad, and a very good one at that. The arrangement isn’t very there, mostly because Se7en’s vocals overpower it. I really liked the chorus, since Se7en put a lot of emotion into it, you could really feel what he was singing and that made me really connect with this song.

The next track on the album is another down-tempo one, The One. I thought this was a lovely and very sad song. Its very longing in a sense, and I think that’s what really made me connect and love this song in the end. The arrangement is very slow-paced and smooth, creating an atmosphere of sorrow and somewhat unfulfilled love. I adored Se7en’s vocals in this, it just brought the whole song to life, and listening closely his vocals especially the, ‘if I could ever be the one’ part could really bring you to tears. This is definitely one of my favorite Se7en songs.

The next track is the boring Worm. It looks like we have another watered down rnb track that’s trying too hard to be something its not, and that being a banging hit for the clubs. Everything about this song is very artificial and plain, from the mediocre and forgettable arrangement to Se7en’s bland and uninspired vocal performance. Also this was another collab track, this time feat. Jinu. I can’t even remember his part, so you can only imagine how forgettable it really was.

The next track is the stagnant Block my mouth. I thought the wannabe club tracks couldn’t get any worse, but it appears that I was wrong. This is yet ANOTHER collaboration track, this time feat. Perry (who just like in the previous tracks, his part went clear over my head because I can’t even remember hearing it) and at this point its getting not only old but ridiculous, because I haven’t liked a collab track YET. This song is awful, because its so incredibly pointless. The arrangement is so baseless and wasteful, and sounded like something my baby brother would put together if he ever got the chance to play around with fruity loops, it was that bad and repetitive. Se7en’s vocal performance was forgettable because he didn’t put any effort whatsoever into this track, because I guess he realized going in that this song was crap, and his vocals reflected that.

The next track on the album is the second and thankfully the last interlude, Follow Me (Interlude). No counting, but there is a lame beat and Se7en singing. Thankfully its all very brief.

The next track on the album is the pop-ish Baby U. This song really reminds me of Se7en’s one song I Just Wanna Be. I like that song a lot more. This song I like a bit, but its really rather generic. The beat is so basic and plain its almost laughable, and Se7en’s vocals though not as bad as they could have been, are completely uninspired and a bit lank. I do think this song has a bit of charm, and I do like the, ‘baby u’ parts.

The next track on the album is the underwhelming Run. This is the sixth collaboration track on the album, and gratefully the last. This time it features two artists, G-Dragon an Taekwon whose parts were like all the others, unmemorable. I’m not sure what Se7en was trying to do, but I mean the song isn’t all bad, it’s kind of catchy, but its just a very plain and generic song, that is like every other supposed to be up-tempo track on here, forgettable.

The next track is the down-tempo A Departure Like Ice. It’s not one of Se7en’s best slow jam tracks, but its pretty good. I thought the arrangement was all right, even if it wasn’t all that great or ear-catching, it was very slow and smooth and flowed right with Se7en’s vocals. I thought Se7en put the right amount of emotion into this song, and it all came across as very sincere. Not a great song, but its still a nice listen.

The last full track on the album is the down-tempo Just Like That Guy. This song is very depressing to me, I suppose its meant to be depressing, but if not than it is. I really liked the arrangement it went along perfectly with Se7en’s controlled and rather melancholic vocal performance. I thought this was a really lovely track, that just screamed longing, plus the title just comes across as very sad to me. Its a nice and sparkly way to end the album.

Se7en leaves us with this last track, the outro 7Virus (Outro). Nothing special, but it PWNS all over the intro and the interludes.

Rating: *1/2 stars

I’m a bit disappointed with Se7en’s third Korean album 24/Se7en. I mean it offers nothing but everything we’ve already heard from him the first two times, though not better but worse! I mean there is absolutely no variety and no substance on this album and it plays like lukewarm water. I mean the beats were tragically basic, watered down wannabe rnb and pop, artificial dance club arrangements, that tried too hard to be something that they clearly were not. Se7en’s vocals were, mostly during the up-tempo (mid-tempo?) tracks very disinterested, it was like even he knew that these songs weren’t worth the effort so he half-assed them in the studio. They were just terrible and bland. The only up-tempo song that I liked was all night long, because it was infectious and fun and the only dance-friendly track on here worth mentioning. Se7en had a ridiculous amount of collaborations on this album, and not one was good, it was almost like, what was the point of including these artists in your songs? If anything they made the tracks worse. I really disliked the interludes, they added nothing to the album and just played like lazy filler it was really pathetic. This albums only saving grace really is the down-tempo tracks: come back part 2, Because I Want To Live, The One, and Just Like That Guy. They saved this album from being labeled as complete crap, and are the only reasons why this album should even be heard. I’m not sure why Se7en stepped into a hole with this album because Just Listen and Must Listen were pretty darn good, this album offers nothing but mediocrity.


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