Aikawa Nanase [PRISM] (1st Digital Single)

October 27, 2008



This is Aikawa Nanase’s first digital single PRISM. When I found out that she was finally coming out with some new material, I was ecstatic and then a bit disappointed when I found out that it was just a digital single instead of a full blown single. The arrangement has a bit of a techno flare, but its appealing in an anime insert song kind of way. I mean you could picture this song coming on in a club, with all the different colored lights flashing and everybody just dancing. Aikawa’s vocal performance was pretty decent, though it just for some reason sounded weird to me. I did like her energy and how her voice seemed to fade into the music during the chorus. I’m not too impressed with this song, its nothing I haven’t already heard from her, to be truthful. This song wasn’t bad though so I won’t complain. I mean its SOMETHING from her and I’d rather have one lone digital single than nothing at all.

Rating: ** stars


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