Maaya Sakamoto [Ame ga Furu (雨が降る; The Rain Is Falling)] (16th Single)

December 9, 2008

s19Ame ga Furu (雨が降る; The Rain Is Falling)
Praline (プラリネ)
Praline (1+1)

Maaya Sakamoto’s 16th single starts off with the a-side Ame ga Furu (雨が降る; The Rain Is Falling). What can I say? This is another gorgeous song from Maaya. The arrangement is really lovely, just so crisp and peaceful. I mean it gives you this feeling of what it sounds like after the rain has stopped, its very comforting, especially at the end. Maaya’s vocals are so good, she has such an incredibly fragile and light voice, it really brings such uniqueness to the her songs and this track is no different. Just lovely.

The next track on the single is the airy Praline (プラリネ). Oh, I really liked this, I believe even more than the a-side. The arrangement was gorgeous, and everything about it just made me feel so light and free. Maaya’s vocals were top-notch, its like her voice gets more beautiful with time, and she really gave this song such atmosphere, to make it sound just so pretty. Lovely times two.

The next track on the single, that comes after the a-side’s instrumental is another version of the b-side, Praline (1+1). It looks like I wasn’t the only one who wanted more. Maaya decided to include another version of her b-side, this time without the original arrangement and accompanied by a piano. I loved it. Maaya can do no wrong. I just wonder what the 1+1 is suppose to mean?

Rating: *** stars

Maaya Sakamoto’s 16th single Ame ga Furu is just what I expected it to be, lovely. Ame ga Furu is a beautiful a-side that displays contentment after the rain has fallen and gone. Praline is even better, washing over you and making you feel so airy and free. Praline (1+1) was good as well, and sounded so right accompanied by the piano. This single made me think of water, that’s just the feeling I got.


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