Perfume [Dream Fighter] (9th Single)

December 11, 2008

Dream Fighter
Negai (願い, Wish)

Perfume’s 9th single starts off with the pretty smooth Dream Fighter. I’m gone keep it real, I seriously loath techno, but Perfume are pretty okay. I mean so is capsule, but I just really can’t do it. Perfume’s pretty tame and there’s are a techno I can handle. This is a pretty nice song, but I think what ruins it in the end and makes it pretty underwhelming is their vocodered voices. I think it’s just me, but it seems like an overkill. At certain parts during the unmemorable verses and the chorus (which I adored) it sounded like they were trying to sing and gurgle water at the same time, it just really threw me off. What saved this song was the incredible catchy chorus, I absolutely love it. Its just the way their voices flow together and just really get into it, it makes you want to get up and sing and do their cute little in-beat dance moves right along with them. The chorus is the only thing about this track that shines and in the end is why I enjoyed it.

The next track on the single is the down-tempo? Negai (願い, Wish). This song gets no love and I can honestly see why. When it started up I thought: ‘is this really a slow song?’ I mean it really just tripped me out, because how can you possibly make computerized voices sound emotional? It just came across as so artificial and unfeeling, I couldn’t help but feel a complete detachment from the track. There was no connection whatsoever. The arrangement is pretty sorrowful and I did like the piano melody at the end. The vocals were, like I said, very unfeeling. I mean if they had threw away the vocoders for this track and actually sung in clear regular voices, instead of computerized, I truly believe this song would have been better and gotten its point across. As it stands, its just cold.

Rating: ** stars

Perfume’s 9th single Dream Fighter is in my opinion a lot better than their previous single love the world, It still however fails to impress. Dream Fighter is a good song, but only because of the chorus. Negai just does nothing for me, because I just can’t feel emotion when its sung in such an emotionless way.


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