Wheesung [For the moment] (Third Album)

January 5, 2009

누구와 사랑을 하다가
내 눈물보다
불치병 (Feat. Masta Wu)
하나가 더해진 생일
Skit Part 1. 박.갑.성 VS.삼오십오 (일산 집으로 가다가)
Corea new school 제비 스딸 (Feat. 1TYM Teddy)
사랑은 (Feat. Big mama 이지영)
Skit Part 2. 삼오십오 VS 박.갑.(광주여고로 가다가)
She’s Beautiful
Clubbin’ (Feat. Jinusean Jinu)
일생을 (Remake)
Dear My friend (Feat. 이정, Wanted 하동균)
It’z time (Thanx to Masta Wu) (Bonus)

The album starts with a customary Wheesung introductory track (that thankfully ceased when his fifth album came out, breaking said tradition), Intro. Wheesung does three things: he talks ‘real slow’ like and then he raps ‘real weak like’ and then he sings ‘real randomly’ like and then it ends ‘real quick’ like.

The next track on the album is the lame 탈피. Did Wheesung sample P. Diddy’s ‘I need a girl’? because it sounds just like it, seriously. That is what always turns me off this song, because it doesn’t sound like the slower version with Usher but the remix ‘part II’ with Ginuwine and I absolutely loathed that version of the song. Wheesung’s take on it is all right but I just think the whole approach was pretty corny and made this song a lot forgettable and unoriginal.

The next track is the down-tempo 누구와 사랑을 하다가. After the disastrous first full track, I was glad that he decided to slow it down a bit. The arrangement is a piano, I believe, it plays unobtrusively and is hardly noticeable, really. Wheesung’s vocals are pretty intense, I thought he did such a good job, vocal-wise with this song. I mean this song is pretty hit or miss, you either like it (because of Wheesung’s sincere and emotional vocal performance) or ignore it completely (because of the slow pace of it).

The next track on the album is another down-tempo, 내 눈물보다. Wheesung has an incredible voice, that is showcased more in his ballads and down-tempo’s, than in anything else of a much faster tempo. I’ve never really paid attention to this song but it really is quite good. The arrangement is pretty simple and doesn’t do much but what it should, though that’s to be expected. Wheesung’s vocal performance was great, I love how he got into this song and sung the heck out of the chorus. Definitely one my favorite down-tempo crooners from him.

The next track on the album is the mid-tempo 불치병 Feat. Masta Wu. I’m actually quite surprised that I liked this song, but that could be because despite me not being a fan of Wheesung’s more faster paced songs, he does display some good vocals in this. The chorus just shines, because he really gets into it and brings some personality and feeling to the track, and the song going out with the violin was a very nice touch.

The next track on the album brings the pace back down with 하나가 더해진 생일. This may not be one of Wheesung’s best down-tempo’s or even a very memorable one, but it certainly leaves an impression. The arrangement is suitably gloomy and depressing and Wheesung gives a solid and rather strong vocal performance. I really like how the guitar took the song out so sad like.

The next track on the album is a pointless skit, Skit Part 1; 박.갑.성 VS.삼오십오 (일산 집으로 가다가). I don’t know or speak Korean, but if I did I’d still think there was no point to this other than it taking up space. Its just consists of some guys talking and laughing… yeah?

The next track is the mid-tempo Corea new school 제비 스딸 Feat.  Teddy. This song has always come across as catchingly corny to me; its catchy, but its corny. I’ve never liked it and I never will. The arrangement is your typical hip-hop and rnb beat, and of course it manages to be rhythmic as well as nice on the ears. Wheesung’s vocals are good and Teddy was a good addition to the song. The chorus is all right and I liked when Teddy say’s: ‘is that your girl? not anymore!’ but I just don’t like this song despite all it has going for it, it just doesn’t appeal to me in any sort of way.

The next track on the album is a personal favorite of mine, 7days. I first heard this song a couple years backs when I was looking at a YunJae couple vid and I just fell in love. The arrangement is a light rnb, its upbeat and it definitely keeps you engaged, because its gorgeous and goes so perfectly with this song. Wheesung’s vocals, wow, this has got to be one of his all-time, top ten best vocal performances, he really went all out for this. He was so into the song, feeling everything he was saying and I was feeling it to. I love the verses, I love the chorus, its so catchy and I love when he starts ad-libbing, because he really shows off how good of a singer he really is.

The next track on the album is the ballad? 사랑은 (Feat. Big mama 이지영). This is a song in which you either like it or you don’t, I highly doubt there’s an in between. This is of course, heavy in rnb and sounds very old-school arrangement and vocal-wise. I always like that, because I miss old school rnb, its just not the same anymore. There’s nothing particularly new or interesting about this song, Wheesung vocals are good and Big Mama’s absolutely beautiful harmony’s compliment him perfectly. That’s all really. I enjoyed it, it was a nice listen.

The next track on the album is Skit Part 2; 삼오십오 VS 박.갑.(광주여고로 가다가). Another pointless interlude with nonsensical and pointless chatter.

The next track on the album is the tedious She’s Beautiful. This song is pretty annoying. The arrangement is minimal, though I think I heard whistles and snapping fingers? Wheesung’s vocals were fine, pretty strong and a little too serious for a song with almost zero substance. It has a nice pace, but it never seems to go anywhere, plus Wheesung shouting: ‘she’s beautiful!’ gets old pretty fast. Its like, ‘we get it’ geez.

The next track on the album is the up-tempo Clubbin’ (Feat. Jinusean Jinu). I actually thought this song was going to be more club-oriented, but with a title like ‘clubbin’ it certainly doesn’t sound like a club joint at all. In fact, they’d probably walk off the dance floor if this came on. Anyways, this isn’t a bad song per say, I’m sure a lot of people would like the easy-going air of this track. I’m not one of those people. The arrangement is your typical rnb beat, though it sounds a bit watered down. Wheesung’s vocals are good as usual, but an average song like this does him absolutely no justice. Jinu can rap, but his rap is pretty juvenile and forgettable in this song. I don’t know, I liked this song for about five seconds and then I just got bored with it.

The next track on the album is the down-tempo 일생을 (Remake). This is definitely one of Wheesung’s customary and overly emotional ballads. I always love Wheesung’s slow songs, he has the perfect voice for them and never seems like he’s emoting, wangsty or forcing you to feel emotion, it all seems to come very naturally. This isn’t one of his ballads that stand out, but its certainly one of the good ones, plus it has one great chorus.

The next track on the album is the down-tempo Dear My friend Feat. 이정, Wanted 하동균. The song started off promising enough, but towards the end I was rolling my eyes. The arrangement is all right but so typical and sparkly for a song like this. Wheesung’s vocals were pretty strong, but it seemed a bit un needed to me. The feat. artists were fine as well and the chorus is actually pretty good. The problem I had with the song was that first of all it seems to just come and go, I mean I blinked my eyes and the song was like halfway towards being done. Then there’s the long-winded ad-libs towards the end, where all parties involved sounded like they were competing with each other and its just all very exasperating. This could have been a good down-tempo track, but it gets unfortunately lost in translation.

The second to last track on the album is Outro. Its a pretty sexy sounding outro if you ask me, with an overkill of a vocal performance from Wheesung. Its not bad though.

The last track on the album is the dull It’z time (Thanx to Masta Wu). I really don’t get the ‘thanks to master wu’ of the chorus, but I probably wouldn’t care even if I did. This song is pretty pointless and doesn’t even try to catch your attention despite being mildly decent, vocal-wise. It just screams ‘waste of a track’ and makes you wonder why he didn’t just stop at the outro.

Rating: * star

Wheesung’s third album For the moment is his weakest album to date (I’m not counting With All My Heart and Soul, because I have yet to listen to it and its a mini album). I have always disliked this album, but I find it a lot more tolerable this time around than I did all the other times, because then the only song I can recall liking is 7days and probably two or three other songs. This time around its a lot more, fortunately. The down-tempo songs make this album, but that’s no surprise. The stand out being ‘7days’ which is not down-tempo but its pretty much the best song on this album. For the moment is an album that should be listened to by hardcore Wheesung fans or people really into rnb, otherwise you won’t enjoy this. Well, maybe the slow songs because Wheesung can sing.

3 Responses to “Wheesung [For the moment] (Third Album)”

  1. wjohns Says:

    hey, memory! i listened to and reviewed this album if you wanna read it or leave a comment when you have the time.


  2. wjohns Says:

    doesn’t that beat in ‘clubbin’ remind you of toni braxton’s song ‘another sad love song’? they both have that same up-beat tempo in my opinion.

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