ARIA [Color of Love] (13th Single)

January 7, 2009

Color of Love
Come Closer (feat. DS455)
Dream On (feat. GANXTA CUE)
Departure (feat. AK-69) -DJ OLDE-E Remix-

ARIA’s 13th single starts off with Color of Love. This song is definitely inspirational and I kind of figured that out from the title. I thought of Boys II Men’s ‘Color of Love’ an I must say they’re completely different but they have the same ‘world love’ type vibe. The arrangement is light rnb, a fresh piano piece that certainly absorbs you. ARIA’s vocals are great as usual; why do people not take notice of her? She has such a strong voice and really carried this song. I loved when she would hold the ‘ni’ notes at the end of the chorus’ it just goes right through me. This was definitely a good a-side and stepped all over ‘departure’ in terms of quality.

The next track on the album is the b-side Come Closer feat. DS455. What a weird named group to collaborate with… anyways, no surprise I liked this song too, but maybe I’m being biased, because the a-side shines all over this. The arrangement is rnb of course, but it has a little electronica type vibe going for it that makes it a bit interesting. ARIA’s vocals are pretty tame in this song she doesn’t do much with it, but she still sounds good. I don’t really recall hearing DS455 and I listened to this song THREE times! This song is basically for those into rnb, like me, others will find it a bit unoriginal and everything else we’ve already heard rnb wise.

This single also comes with two remixes the first being Dream On feat. GANXTA CUE; this is a good remix and Departure feat. AK-69 -DJ OLDE-E Remix-; this is an all right remix, I actually like the chorus, buts its still pretty forgettable.

Rating: *** stars

ARIA’S 13th single Color of Love was quite the good single, seriously. Color of Love was just a much needed inspirational song with one of the best vocal performances I’ve ever heard from her. Come Closer is a hit or miss b-side, but I personally liked it. The two remixes were pretty good as well with Dream On standing out as one of her best.


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