Kanon Wakeshima [Suna No Oshiro (砂のお城; Sand Castle)] (2nd Single)

February 2, 2009

Suna No Oshiro (砂のお城; Sand Castle)
skip turn step♪
Suna No Oshiro (Orgel Version)

Kanon Wakeshima’s 2nd single starts off with the a-side Suna No Oshiro (砂のお城; Sand Castle). This song is pretty short and well in all truth it doesn’t hold a candle to Still Doll, that fact doesn’t surprise me though. The cello of the arrangement, amazing, she can really play and honestly after listening to her kill it, the cello is fast becoming one of my favorite instruments. Wakeshima has a nice voice, but the breathless-ness of how she sung the verses was pretty exasperating and I actually found myself getting irritated with it, luckily she goes to her regular vocals during the chorus and they dominate the song, because I wouldn’t have been able to tolerate it otherwise. This is an all right track, but pretty weak for an a-side.

The next track on the single is its b-side skip turn step♪. This is a pretty odd song, but its a lot better than the b-side off of ‘still doll’. When the song first started with the violin, I believe a rather sparkly piano piece was playing as well, I immediately thought of The Nightmare Before Christmas and the Halloween Town theme, it was a bit unsettling and I love that song. Wakeshima’s vocals are very light in this and well its all very creepy, because you’d think this was a nice tune, what with the mild sparkly arrangement and how easy-going it seems, but its rather misleading, because I kept thinking of those creepy lullabies, like ‘rock-a bye baby’ I don’t know I got such a feeling of foreboding listening to this. It plays rather cute, but I know there is something lurking under the surface…

The last track on the album is Suna No Oshiro (Orgel Version). The orgel makes such a nice sound, but it gets a bit boring after a while, despite its short length. I wonder if Wakeshima is going to make a habit of this?

Rating: ** stars

Kanon Wakeshima’s 2nd single Suna No Oshiro was all right, but Still Doll was still better, ah, must I compare? Suna No Oshiro was a fine a-side, but a bit weak and not all that memorable. skip turn step♪ played a bit better and offered more variety and a change of pace, though still managing to come across as creepy, despite the light nature of it. The orgel version was once again, forgettable. I’m ready for the album.


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