Kimeru [Shi.Ru.Be] (15th Single)

February 3, 2009

Imagination in the Dark

Kimeru’s 15th single starts off with the a-side Shi.Ru.Be. I’m not sure what ‘’ means, but this is a pretty nice song. I’m actually quite surprised. I mean the arrangement is really engaging; how it started the song off and plays unobtrusively throughout, rising and falling at all the right moments. It sounds like a song from ‘descendants of darkness’ or ‘gravitation’ or some sort of yaoi anime. I really liked his vocals, I don’t know, his voice isn’t really all that unique since that strange tone to his voice is common in J-male singers who specialize in this genre of music. The whole flow of the song seems really sad to me, but all in all this was a good track. I might just keep up with his music after all.

The next track on the single is the b-side Imagination in the Dark. Ooh, I really like this title and shockingly the song as well. I was a bit turned off in the beginning because when the music started it sounded a bit dance dance, trance, euro-beat like and I’m not much of a fan of that type of music. As the song progressed however, the arrangement became rather addicting and I actually found my body moving a bit to it. I also really liked Kimeru’s vocals in this, he really pulled this song off–I mean this really sounds so Gravitation. It almost outshines the a-side.

Rating: *** stars

Kimeru’s 15th single Shi.Ru.Be is a really good single. Shi.Ru.Be is quite the nice little sad track, I mean maybe the melancholy of it is not intentional but its obvious and that really made me connect with the song. Imagination in the Dark is a bit more lighter in spirits and is a pretty good dance track, though it sounds so Shuichi from Gravitation.


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