Koda Kumi [MOON] (40th Single)

February 4, 2009

Moon Crying
That Ain’t Cool feat. Fergie
Once Again
Lady go!!
Moon Crying (Piano Version)

Koda Kumi’s 40th single starts off with the a-side Moon Crying. … can this song get any more boring? This is one of her worst down-tempo’s ever and I don’t even know where to start. I was excited when it was announced that she was coming out with a new single, disappointed about Fergie being featured in one of the tracks, but she was back after the fluid incident and with four new songs. I watched the video and though it was all right, the song was an absolute snooze-fest, I nearly fell a sleep watching it. I thought I would like the song on the single, but I came out pretty much feeling the same way. The piano arrangement is nice, but its boring too. Kuu tries entirely too hard to make this song emotionally felt and it just comes across as very fake and exhausting. The song didn’t even call for all the forced singing Kuu-chan delivered an I felt so detached from Kuu’s vocal performance and this song in particular that it was amazing. I didn’t even want to review this single, but well, I went on ahead and did anyway. I barely paid attention to this while it was playing and was a little too relieved when it ended. Kuu has been putting out some pretty weak ballads, but this is her weakest one to date, which is a shame, because it had the potential to be another 1000 no Kotoba.

The next track on the single is its first b-side That Ain’t Cool feat. Fergie. The lack luster tracks don’t end with Moon Crying unfortunately, for we are presented with Fergie feat. Koda Kumi. I don’t even know where to begin, because this song is just a disaster. The arrangement plays like air and is only there to give the song something to stand on, I barely even noticed it. Fergie sounds like Fergie, as there is nothing unique or appealing about her voice at all, so it was pretty much a downer to hear her singing the majority of the song. I don’t recall hearing Kuu at all, I mean how are you regulated to backing vocals on your own track? It really just blows my mind. This song is lame and utterly forgettable.

The next track on the single is the mild Once Again. This is my favorite song off the single and I don’t care what anyone says, this is a good song and one I actually wish she would have included on her TRICK album. The whole atmosphere of the song is very nostalgic, it has a light reggae like, island-y flare to it that makes it very warm, but a bit sad at the same time. Kuu’s vocal performance was quite good, I was pretty amazed by how she managed to absorb me. It almost sounded like she was trying not to cry and I admit towards the end of the song, my eyes were a little wet. This is one of those smiling through the tears type songs and its a shame that’s its so underrated.

The next track on the single is its last b-side Lady go!!. This is another song that a like, though it did take a bit for it to grow on me. The arrangement is nothing new or different, but it does its part and sounds a bit refreshing. Kuu’s vocal performance was not as good as it was in the previous track, but still a whole lot better than the a-side and the first b-side. I thought she sounded a bit down in this song as well and though the atmosphere seems very up in the tempo, I still couldn’t help but notice the sad undercurrent: ‘i don’t wanna miss you’

The last track on the single is Moon Crying (Piano Version). Ah, I knew this song had the potential, I am always right about these things. The piano version of ‘moon crying’ is a whole lot better and easier on the ears. The piano was very clear and certainly gave off a rather somber atmosphere which really made me connect more with Kuu’s vocals, because she sounded better and the emotion in her voice seemed genuine. I definitely prefer this over the original.

Rating: ** stars

Koda Kumi’s 40th single MOON was pretty disappointing, but luckily there were some good tracks on here. Moon Crying is boring and impossible. That Ain’t Cool is ridiculous and it will always boggle my mind as to why Kuu put it on her latest studio album, this is no LAST ANGEL. Once Again was a gorgeous if not depressing song and my favorite on the single. Lady go!! is a nice, moderately up-tempo track and the piano version of Moon Crying completely upstages the original. If not for the last three songs playing so good, I would have given this single a C, oh yeah and the cover art is breath taking.


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