David Tao [David Tao] (First Album)

February 5, 2009

Airport Take Off
Fei Ji Chang De Shi Dian Ban (Airport 10:30)
Airport Arrival
Ai, Hen Jian Dan (I Love You)
Sha Tan (Blue Moon)
Shi Qi Sui (Our Love)
Wang Chun Feng (Spring Wind)
Shi Shi Fei Fei (Yes No Song)
Liu Sha (Everything’s Gone)
Take 6 Minus 3
Xing Luan Fei (Do I Do I)
Zai Jian Yi Qian Xian Shuo Zai Jian (Say Goodbye)
Suite Blue Moon

The album starts off with the intro Airport Take Off. Its pretty self-explanatory.

The next track on the album is the lovely Fei Ji Chang De Shi Dian Ban (Airport 10:30). This is one of my favorite songs ever and one of the first I heard by David. I just love the whole flow of this track and when it starts with his smooth heavily dipped in rnb vocals, I get shivers. This was such a good first track to start the album on and its definitely a memorable listen.

The next track is the interlude Airport Arrival. Its pretty self-explanatory as well.

The next track on the album is the heart-warming Ai, Hen Jian Dan (I Love You). This is one of the very first David Tao songs I heard and I’ve always really loved it. The arrangement is minimal but smooth and has a nice and easy flow to it. David’s vocals are good as well, he sings in such a soft and sure way and I always love when he says: ‘i love you’

The next track on the album is the gorgeous Sha Tan (Blue Moon). This is another first David Tao song for me and its one I honestly never get tired of listening to. The arrangement plays like water and it seems to just flow over you in the most nicest of ways. I just love how it gave me the impression of someone looking up at the moon and feeling content. It also gave off a very romantic air. David’s vocals were just as lovely as the arrangement, I had no problem and I really wish that the song would have been longer than its four minutes running time, this would be just the best song to fall asleep too.

The next track on the album keeps the down-tempo’s coming with Shi Qi Sui (Our Love). This is another song in the same vein as ‘sha tan’ its really quite the lovely little track. The woman talking in the beginning was very brief, but if I knew Mandarin it would have probably made sense to me. The arrangement sounds very traditional Chinese and I always love that. David’s vocals were of course good, he has such a smooth and un-hurried way of singing that always gets to me. This song really embodies a feeling of love.

The next track on the album is the wonderful Wang Chun Feng (Spring Wind). I love this song and though its short its like the perfect length. This was one of the first songs I heard by David and I remember I use to listen to it as frequently as I could. The song is nearly acappella and David’s voice shines, its one of his best vocal performances ever. I love the amount of emotion and feeling he put into this, it always touches and impresses me. Also, I always have the sudden urge to cry when I listen to this, but I never do.

The next track on the album is the mid-tempo 是是非非. I’m wondering if this should have been up-tempo, but it never really gets to that point. The arrangement is light, but a tad aggressive at the same time. I really liked the drums. It gave the song a very casual feel. David’s vocals were nice, but it did surprise me when it went for that hard rock note towards the end. I don’t know, normally I wouldn’t like a song like this, but I guess its because I like the flow.

The next track on the album is the hit or miss Shi Shi Fei Fei (Yes No Song). This song is pretty flat an uninteresting in a way, even though the verses are passable, it can still come across to most as very boring. The chorus is the high light, even though it stays mellow, David gave a rather heart-warming vocal performance: ‘no no no no, i say yes yes yes yes, i’m your baby’ its a rather cute and touching song.

The next track on the album is the down-tempo Liu Sha (Everything’s Gone). This is another first David Tao listen for me and quite honestly if tired enough this track a put you straight to sleep. The arrangement is rather serene and a bit romantic, but it doesn’t do much of anything. David’s vocals are nice, but like the arrangement he doesn’t really do anything with it. This song can come across as boring to most, because its pretty boring to me, but I like it. Its a nice wind down type song.

The next track is an interlude Take 6 Minus 3. Who thinks up stuff like this and decides to slap it on albums? Anyways, David and some of his buddies I guess are harmonizing and then they laugh and David says something in English that I can’t quite catch… yup, that’s it.

The next track on the album is the mid-tempo Xing Luan Fei (Do I Do I). We get our first semi danceable track, I’m kind of kidding, but this is pretty up-tempo and all I’ve heard since now have been down-tempo’s and ballads. The arrangement is fitting. David’s vocals are really good, I really love when he gets into the song, though his voice gets way high and its kind of off-putting, but he still did his thing. The chorus was cute, its like another version of the ‘yes no song’.

The second to last track on the album is the down-tempo Zai Jian Yi Qian Xian Shuo Zai Jian (Say Goodbye). This is a really gorgeous song, but its also rather depressing. The arrangement is of course slow-paced and appropriately wistful. David’s vocals are very gentle in this, it was almost as if he was being considerate even though he was telling the other person, ‘good-bye’ it got a bit awkward towards the end when he went for that higher register and came off sounding like a girl, but I really enjoyed this track, definitely.

The last track on the album is Suite Blue Moon. This song is incredibly lovely, but if you’re not into this kind of slow-paced, un-hurried type of music it will most likely bore you. I loved the piano, it really gives off the feeling of the moon, lonely and cold against the night sky, but at the same time it gives off a very romantic vibe. David’s vocals were love, he sung this song in such a slow, soothing way and it really brings on the contentment and leaves the album off on a good and quiet note.

Rating: ** stars

David Tao’s first album David Tao is a pretty good album, for those who like down-tempo crooners. The majority of the songs on this album are down-tempo and ballads, that give off either a romantic atmosphere or one of melancholy and I know that is not everyone’s cup of tea. At one point this use to be my favorite David Tao album, but in all truth he doesn’t really have a good one, though The Great Leap was a pretty good album as well. I gave this album the grade I did because it doesn’t really offer much outside of what I already said, and I believe only one song was borderline up-tempo and that’s the one with no direct name. David’s vocal performances were some of his best on this album my favorites being: Airport 10:30 and Spring Wing. The arrangements, though simple, were quite lovely as well. David Tao is not an album that everyone will enjoy, but its definitely one of his best. I wonder when he’ll release another? If so, I really hope its a lot better than Beautiful.


2 Responses to “David Tao [David Tao] (First Album)”

  1. Good work! You have a wonderful blog! I was searching for David’s traditional & pinyin lyrics and just happened to stumble onto here!

    I wanted to clarify with you on one of his songs, though I might be wrong, but I don’t think I am wingin’ it on this fact for, I speak really basic Mandarin (have certain family members who’re fluent in Viet Mandarin AND FRENCH LOL) as well as know 2 other languages so, I’m pretty damn good at recognizing a language instantly, especially if it’s any Asian dialect: anyhooz! ^_^

    –track no.6 titled “Shi Qi Sui” has that girl speaking in the beginning, unfortunately, it’s either that she is not Chinese and is very very VERY utterly horrible at her pronunciation that she just completely slaughtered a Chinese phrase to the point where even a Chinese person can’t make out what she’s saying–which I deduce that it’s not Mandarin nor Cantonese–OR it’s a language that even MY ears have not heard yet (& thats pretty crazy)–seriously, I cannot even attempt to start to try to understand what she’s saying; the phonetics are bewildering–I’m 24 now and I’ve never ever heard anybody speak Chinese like that.. ever o_O !!!

    If I had to take a wild guess at that situation, I’d probably say that the girl is Japanese or Korean and she tried really hard to speak Chinese and failed so so miserably. >____’;'<)

    • memoriesoflove Says:

      I see. thank-you for clearing that up for me. i really like david tao and its been ages since his last album release. i’m glad you like my blog! <333

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