Kokia [Follow the Nightingale] (16th Single)

February 11, 2009

Follow the Nightingale
say goodbye & good day

Kokia’s 16th single starts off with the a-side Follow the Nightingale. This is quite a unique song, I mean its nothing I haven’t heard before really, but Kokia puts such a nice twist on it. I can’t even really pin-point the arrangement since so many things seem to be going on in the background it just made me think of night and lights and fireflies and people conversing in whispers. It gave the song a sort of mystic. Kokia’s vocals are soft and slow during the verses, as if building up suspense and then her voice and other voices rise during the chorus and it gives you a feeling of chaos as the chorus just seems to come at you in a rush of sound. This was a good a-side. Its hard not to become completely absorbed in it and a little awed.

The next track on the single is its b-side say goodbye & good day. This song is much more mild and tame than the a-side, but still pretty good. The arrangement is simple, a piano I believe, though I didn’t really pay attention to it all that much. Kokia’s vocals are good. The high light is the chorus; this isn’t the most stand-out b-side, but its still a nice listen and a bit on the sweet and content side.

Rating: ** stars

Kokia’s 16th single Follow the Nightingale was a rather interesting single and by that I mean the a-side. The b-side doesn’t stand out that much and compared to the a-side is pretty forgettable, so it kind a brings the single down, its still good though. I wasn’t going to review this, but well, I like the cover art…lol.


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