Tohoshinki [Close to You/Crazy Life] (20th Single (4th Single in TRICK series)

February 12, 2009
Close to you
Crazy Life (YUNHO from TOHOSHINKI)

The fourth single in the TRICK series starts off with the first a-side Close to you. I went into this song with no expectations and came out pleasantly surprised. I expected this song to be a ballad but it turned out to be a pretty up-tempo song. The arrangement had a bit of variety or a lot, it was seemingly all over the place and that made the song a bit fun. The vocal performances were really good I thought, from all parties actually and for a song that played like this did none of them sounded corny, which was a plus. Nice a-side.

The next track on the single is its second a-side Crazy Life (YUNHO from TOHOSHINKI). This is YunHo’s solo song and I really tried not to laugh while listening to it and actually succeeded. I should like this song, I really should. I was listening to it and thinking: ‘this sounds like a song i would like…’ … had someone else been singing it. I mean leave it to YunHo to take a song that should be a pretty hot dance track and make it cheesy. I love YunHo, he can actually sing… rapping on the other hand, no. I was relieved to find that his rapping was very sparse in this. This is an all right listen, but I really can’t get into it, though I did like YunHo’s laugh at the end, sexy.

Rating: ** stars

Tohoshinki’s 20th single and 4th single in the TRICK series Close to You/Crazy Life was a whole lot better than I thought it would be. I think I’m actually going to start cutting YunHo some slack, he’s been surprising me lately. Crazy Life was actually a good up-tempo track and well their up-tempo’s are always pretty hit or miss with me and mostly miss. Crazy Life would have been a hit had it not been so cheesy, it kind of brought the single down, but only by a bit.


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