Jyongri [Winter Love Story] (6th Single)

February 13, 2009

Winter Love Story
Blue Destiny

Jyongri’s 6th single starts off with the a-side Winter Love Story. I honestly paid no attention to this song when it first came out and now I want to kick myself, what a good song. I’m new to Jyongri and this is probably the second song by her I’ve heard in its entirety, the other one I believe was ‘lullaby for you’, I also remember listening to ‘kissing me’ a while back and not liking it at all, but maybe that a change once I give the album a listen. I really like the arrangement, the bells are so typical, but I love the added synth gives it a modern and rather refreshing flare. Jyongri’s vocals are quite good in this, I love the transition from Japanese to English and her English is thankfully not half bad. This is a good a-side.

The next track on the album is its first b-side TENDER TOUCH. This song doesn’t stand out as much as the a-side, but I still think its a good song and I’ll probably be listening to this more than ‘winter love story’ because I just love the subtle charm of it. The arrangement is very warm, I really like it, it doesn’t do much, but it does manages to snare your attention because it sounds just so nice on the ears. I’m really liking Jyongri’s vocals, she has such a soft and relaxing tone that just makes you want to listen to her music over and over. I really like the ad-libs towards the end.

The last track on the single is its second b-side Blue Destiny. I kinda figured the streak wouldn’t last, this track is pretty dull. The arrangement is simple, its not bad, but its pretty bland and I hardly noticed it, I do think the main was the piano though. Jyongri’s vocals are nice, but I didn’t connect with her at all, despite the chorus being all right. This song just isn’t really all that interesting.

Rating: ** stars

Jyongri’s 6th single Winter Love Story was a whole lot better than I expected it would be. The a-side is actually good like an a-side is suppose to be and had it ended with the sweet TENDER TOUCH this would have been a solid single, but it concludes with the tedious Blue Destiny which is as cliche as songs like that get and brought this single down a little.


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