alan [Megumi no Ame (恵みの雨; Blessed Rain)] (7th Single

February 15, 2009

Megumi no Ame (恵みの雨; Blessed Rain)

alan’s 7th single, fifth and last in her five elemental release saga is the a-side Megumi no Ame (恵みの雨; Blessed Rain). It represents water. I didn’t think it would get any better than ‘red cliff’ but I didn’t think it would be worse than the first three either. This song is boring, plain and true. I understand that rain or water isn’t the most interesting of things, but as the most beautiful of the five elements I at least expected it to be a bit more on the lovely side. Water is my favorite element, so this dull take on it is really quite the disappointment. The arrangement was pretty flat, I hardly noticed it. alan’s vocals weren’t bad, but she chose to sing this song in the same pace throughout, I mean even when it rose a little towards the ‘supposed’ climax there wasn’t much of a change and it just made this song quite the tedious listen. This is definitely the worst and most forgettable of the five elemental singles.

The next track on the single is its b-side Namida. This track is even more dull and I honestly didn’t think that would be possible. The arrangement is the only interesting thing about this song, with its music box quality which is rather relaxing, but then again only by a little. alan’s vocals were a bore, despite them not being bad to listen too. I also did not get the feeling of water, not from this or the a-side, unless we are talking about still, un-moving water, which is boring.

Rating: * star

alan’s 7th single Megumi no Ame was quite the bore-fest, sincerely. I honestly thought I would like this, what with water being my favorite element, but it turned out to be my least favorite in the elemental series and in my opinion her worst single to date: Megumi no Ame was boring and Namida was even more boring. Yawn… I’m just glad its over.


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