Kou Shibasaki [Prism] (14th Single)

February 17, 2009

Polka dot

Kou Shibasaki’s 14th single starts off with the a-side Prism. This song isn’t very interesting, but it is certainly engaging. The arrangement doesn’t jump out at you, but it does manage to absorb you and it made me think of an climactic scene in an anime, that in turn made it dramatic in a sense. Kou’s vocals seem weak yet strong at the same time, the contrast is rather endearing. I don’t know, this song really doesn’t seem like a-side material, but it has enough going for it to catch your attention. I mean its a pretty good song, I’ll certainly give it that.

The next track on the single is its b-side Polka dot. This is a rather strange title and the song doesn’t really reflect it either. This seems to play like the a-side, the arrangement doesn’t jump out at you, but its pretty engaging in its own simple way. Kou’s vocals are weak, but not in a bad way, so its all very strange. This song isn’t very interesting either, but I do like the whole flow of it and the: ‘i feel like i don’t know you’ of the chorus.

The last track on the single is its second b-side Sukoshizutsu. This song played the weirdest of all. The arrangement gives me a distinct and natural like feeling and for not a lot to be going on with it, it certainly caught my attention, a lot more than Kou’s vocals did. In truth her vocals were not really weak in this track, she sung in a very straight-forward and clear manner, however during the chorus her voice seemed to break off an strain and I really can’t understand why, because this song asks for nothing. Its not stand-out in any way, but like the last two tracks its a nice listen.

Rating: ** stars

Kou Shibasaki’s 14th single Prism is all right, but pretty unmemorable. Prism is a fine listen, but for it to be an a-side it doesn’t really stand out at all, the same can be said of Polka dot which played similarly. Sukoshizutsu was the most interesting track on the single, but still a bit weak and forgettable.


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