Lena Park [No Break] (3rd Korean Single)

February 20, 2009

No Break
Without You

Lena Park’s 3rd Korean single starts off with the a-side No Break. I was a bit wary when this song first came out, mostly because of the title, not because it feat. Crown J. I thought it just wasn’t going to be good, which is shocking, because I normally love everything Lena associated. The arrangement is guitar-based, subtle. There’s bass as well, its pretty mellow, nice on the ears and goes with the whole flow of the song. I loved Lena’s vocals, no surprise. I really like Crown J, I mean he’s cute, funny, speaks pretty good English, dresses really nice and has a good rap voice for a K-rapper, so yes I liked his parts as well. This was a good collaboration and a pretty good song.

The next track on the single is its b-side Without You. This is without Crown J and though the a-side had a bit of flavor because of Crown J.’s inclusion, I think I kind a like this one more, if only because Lena’s beautiful voices just shines.

Rating: ** stars

Lena Park’s 3rd Korean single No Break is of course a good single. I thought the collaboration between her and Crown J. was a good one and the song with just her seemed even better. I’m actually really hoping she’ll do a collaboration with Alex from Clazziquai.


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