Maaya Sakamoto [Kazemachi Jet / Spica] (14th Single)

February 21, 2009

s16Kazemachi Jet (風待ちジェット, Jet Waiting for a Good Wind)

Maaya Sakamoto’s 14th single starts off with the a-side Kazemachi Jet (風待ちジェット, Jet Waiting for a Good Wind). This is an old song (it was released back in ’06) and I was honestly wondering if she was going to put it on her next studio album or if it was going to be just a single release song. I’m glad she did, because I don’t think it’ll sound dated at all. I’ve never really noticed the piano in the arrangement, I’ve always just got a feeling of being lifted up by a current of air. It gives off a very airy feeling and it makes you feel light an exhilarated. Maaya’s vocals are lovely, but I hardly noticed the verses. The chorus is where the track stands out, especially when her voice goes high towards the end. This is one of my favorite Maaya songs and actually sounds like it should have been on her BEST albums Hotpotch or Nikopachi.

The next track on the single is its b-side Spica. This is the type of song that really just passes over you and you know you like it, but you can’t for the life of you really remember it. In truth that makes the song a bit unmemorable, because this is like the definition of one of those songs you just ignore. The arrangement is airy, so it couples nicely with the a-side. Maaya’s vocals are also quite lovely, but they only shine during the chorus which is nice and feels you with a feeling of warmth. This is an all right track, but its not one I would listen to often.

Rating: ** stars

Maaya Sakamoto’s 14th single Kazemachi Jet / Spica is a decent single, but one that pretty much passes over me. Kazemachi Jet is one of my favorite Maaya songs, but the novelty has worn off, despite it still being a good and somewhat inspiring song. Spica is a nice song as well, but its pretty quiet and the a-side completely overshadows it making it a forgettable track.


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