Mika Nakashima [LIFE] (23rd Single)

February 24, 2009

LIFE (ballad)

Mika Nakashima’s 23rd single starts off with the a-side LIFE. This song is pretty odd to me. I’ve never not liked this song, it was always more of an indifference, as I always expect this song to be rather down-tempo and depressing, and its pretty obvious why. Its more along the mid-tempo range though, which still kind a boggles my mind. The piano arrangement is pretty slick, I mean its simple without really being simple and I like the consistent and crisp pace of it. Mika’s vocals are pretty OK, I liked her voice more during the verses, the chorus always throws me off because it sounds so light-hearted and uplifting, it always makes me double-take when I hear it. This is not one of my more preferred Mika songs, but its a pretty nice and somewhat different a-side from her.

The next track on the single is LIFE (ballad). Ah, this is a bit more like it. Though, to be truthful I never really cared for the ballad version, it always came across as boring to me. I do like it though, a bit more than the original. Its not as slow as I expected it to be, but maybe that’s a good thing.

The last track on the single is its b-side IT’S TOO LATE. I don’t know what it is now, but I actually liked this b-side at one point. It just sounds oddly bland to me now. I’ll admit the arrangement is fresh, I pretty much liked it and the chorus is pretty interesting, but I listened to this song twice and didn’t really care about it. It could stem from Mika’s rather raspy vocals, but then again I love ‘eien no uta’

Rating: ** stars

Mika Nakashima’s 23rd single LIFE was fine, but I think I was kind a expecting more. LIFE is just a bit underwhelming for me and I actually like the ballad version more, but that’s no surprise. ITS TOO LATE is not a bad b-side by any means, but I normally like Mika’s b-sides, not so much in this case.


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