Minori Chihara [Ame Agari no Hana yo Sake] (5th Single)

February 26, 2009

Ame Agari no Hana yo Sake
Say you

Minori Chihara’s 5th single starts off with the a-side Ame Agari no Hana yo Sake. This is a rather entertaining song, though I did find my interest waning a bit. The arrangement is rather sparkly, but it gives you such a warm feeling, its nice. Minori has a somewhat good voice, though it was a bit seiyuu-ish in this. I’m hoping that this isn’t prevalent in her songs, otherwise its going to be pretty hard for me to take her seriously as a singer, even if she is a seiyuu. This sounds like an anime opening theme and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is an opening for some some sort of magical girl anime or one of those romantic anime’s or something. It plays like a carefree track, but seems awfully serious and dramatic. Its strange. This is a rather average song that doesn’t really stand out and is quite bland for an a-side, but that’s to be expected. I liked it though.

The next track on the single is its b-side Say you. Ah, what a bland song. I lost interest in this pretty quick. The arrangement is pretty much not even there, though I recall the typical sparkle sounds and perhaps the piano playing throughout. Its sad because the lack of a proper arrangement makes Minori’s rather weak and strained vocals stand-out to glaring effect and though the song has a warmth about it that makes it charming and a bit bearable I just can’t get pass how uninspired and lazy this track is. Its pretty forgettable.

Rating: *1/2 stars

Minori Chihara’s 5th single Ame Agari no Hana yo Sake is very weak. The a-side Ame Agari no Hana yo Sake is pretty nice, but definitely too weak to be an a-side, it hardly stands out at all. Say you is forgettable at best. I’ll give the a-side some credit though, it did save this single from getting a C.


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