Jyongri [Close to Fantasy] (First Album)

March 2, 2009

Getting Funky!
Let Me In
My All For You
~約束~ (Yakusoku; Promise)
Lost Girl

The album starts off with the half and half Getting Funky!. I’m honestly glad I gave this song a second listen, because I was really about to rip into it. The arrangement should be up-tempo, but it never leaves the mid-tempo range and perhaps that was the songs intention, but I kind a wish it had went a little faster, if only so I could get into it more. The arrangement is simple, but its constant and that makes it a bit addicting, really had me moving a bit. Jyongri’s vocals were pretty nice, I mean she actually made an otherwise uninteresting track a pretty decent listen and I like how she at least, vocal-wise tried to add a bit of flare to this song. Its a bit stagnant, but for the moment I like it.

The next track on the album is the up-tempo Possession. This is what the previous track should of been, arrangement wise. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this, but after two listens, I find I really enjoy it. The arrangement is quick and sounds like a more up in the tempo ‘getting funky!’ I like it, despite it kind a sounding like something you’d hear in a gay club. Jyongri’s vocals were very much so into the song, especially during the chorus, I absolutely loved the: ‘you are my possession’ it sounds so psychotic, but right.

The next track on the album is the inspiring Hop,Step,Jump!. This is a cute song, though it did take me a minute to get into it. The arrangement is pretty airy, but fitting. I really like Jyongri’s vocals, even though they sounded awkward against the arrangement I still find myself liking the song and eventually it didn’t bother me, though it didn’t really go away either. This is an odd sounding song, but I like how it seems so 90’s, it makes it a rather appealing and nice listen.

The next track slows it down with Ichizu. I really like this, but I kind a think I liked it more the first time I listened to it. The arrangement is fitting, though I can’t really comment on it because this is a case where I paid more attention to her vocals. Jyongri’s vocals, while we’re on the subject, were quite good in this, not amazing, but good enough to keep my interest. I also like how un-obviously dramatic it was and how Jyongri really seemed to be trying to get her point across.

The next track on the album is the stale Stay. Ah, for a second I actually thought I was going to like this song. The arrangement is a rather stagnant piano piece that’s utter background fodder, because it does nothing and makes the song more duller than it already is. Jyongri’s vocals were not in sync with the flow of the song and she came across sounding very awkward and uninspired. I also really hate that this song is so long, it just makes it pointless.

The next track on the album is the generic Let Me In. Albeit in a good way. I don’t know after listening to the stale ‘stay’ this just sounds so good. The arrangement is light, makes me think of jump roping or walking with your friends on a nice day, I thought the clapping was odd, but strangely fitting. Jyongri’s vocals are pretty average, but she did her thing, though I didn’t too much care for the string of ad-libs towards the end. This is an all right track.

The next track on the album is the rather sweet My All For You. This is a pretty nice song. When it first started I thought it was going to be sung in full English, but surprisingly I’m glad it wasn’t. The arrangement is simple, it doesn’t pop out at you of course, but it suits its purpose and is rather nice on the ears. Jyongri’s vocals at this point are pretty hit or miss to me, but I did somewhat like it in this song, especially during the chorus.

The next track on the album is Romeo&Juliet. I want to say this song is stupid, but that’s a little harsh. I think ridiculous is a more better word. The arrangement is awkward, but I did like it when it was given time to shine. Jyongri’s vocals were pretty miss, she didn’t seem to be singing along with the flow of the song at all and it made everything just sound weird and impossible. I also hated when her tone went high, just no. The chorus is really sucky: ‘you’re romeo and i’m juliet’ lame.

The next track on the album is the tedious ~約束~ (Yakusoku; Promise). …I’m speechless. This song was just borderline awful. The arrangement was lank and pretty much stayed in the background for the most part. Jyongri’s vocals were practically unbearable. I have said this before, but it honestly sounded like she was singing off cue cards, her vocals were so awkward and didn’t go with the flow of the music. I mean it sounded like someone singing karaoke who obviously doesn’t know all the words to the song, it was rather painful. Then on top of that the track seemed to go on forever, I’m actually shocked that its only four minutes and forty-three seconds because it played more like eight.

The second to last track on the album is the abysmal Lost Girl. I didn’t think it could get worse than ‘yakusoku’ obviously I was wrong. This song is just impossibly bad, I don’t even know why Jyongri bothered, in fact its one of those songs that you have to hear  in order to believe that its just as bad as someone says it is. I was so tempted to press the next button, especially when the awful chorus started up with the lame backing vocals that it wasn’t even funny. I decided to just ignore it and nearly thanked the almighty when it finally ended.

The last track on the album is the down-tempo Wherever. This song had the potential to be decent, what with a nice piano arrangement and an OK vocal performance from Jyongri, but the pacing is off and glaring and makes this song nearly as impossible as the last two tracks. Its an all right listen though and maybe it’ll grow in me, depending.

Rating: * star

Jyongri’s first album Close to Fantasy was bad, borderline awful, but I think I’m just being nice. I’m not quite sure what went wrong, but it started off decent enough, I actually found myself really liking Jyongri’s voice and then after Ichizu everything went downhill arrangement-wise and most definitely vocal-wise. It came up for air briefly during My All For You and then flat-lined after that. I mean it was almost as if Jyongri couldn’t be bothered to care and couldn’t wait to be through with this album so she could start on the next and that in turn made me not want to be bothered either, because I couldn’t wait for it be over. Close to Fantasy is one of the worst debut albums and albums period that I have ever heard, I just hope that Love Forever is better than this, seriously.


6 Responses to “Jyongri [Close to Fantasy] (First Album)”

  1. wjohns Says:

    I heard about a couple songs from this album, they were “getting funky; hop, step, jump!, ichizu, stay, let me in, my all for you.” they were all good songs, i wish i could get this somewhere for free.

  2. memoriesoflove Says:

    No problem! <333

  3. wjohns Says:

    hey, memory! if you wanna hear ‘love forever’ here’s the link below.


    i personally loved it myself 🙂

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