Kimeru [Galaxy Kiss] (Second Album)

March 8, 2009

Summer Girl
Starry Heavens
Kuro Honoo
Mizu no Kioku
Koi no Performance
Airline Kiss
Dive into the Heart
Starry Heavens (John Doe mix)
Answer will come (O.S.R.)
Be Shiny (Trident’s Rock-A-Head mix)

The album starts off with the up-tempo Timeless. I like this song and I’m not even sure why. Its sounds so old-school 90’s pop and I can just imagine the video being so cheesy but still managing to reflect the song in some way. Kimeru’s vocals were good, a lot of the time I couldn’t even keep up with him, he has a distinct voice even if I’ve heard it before. This is a nice energetic opening to the album.

The next track on the album is the rockin’ Summer Girl. Hmm? I didn’t too much like this song, at least I don’t think. The arrangement is very rock oriented of course, though I think I liked the dance dance revolution type beats because this offers nothing but an aggressive guitar segment. Kimeru’s vocals are fine and he seems to be really getting into the song, but I just can’t seem to connect with him and found my interest waning despite the fast tempo of the track.

The next track on the album is the light Style. This is a rather nice song, that plays so much like an anime opening I’m actually wondering if it is one. The arrangement is very carefree, but a bit wistful in a sense. I also thought that Kimeru’s vocals sounded a bit sad as well, most notable towards the end, though I think this was suppose to be a more uplifting song, I couldn’t help but get that vibe. This also plays like a summer song.

The next track on the album brings on the trance with Starry Heavens. This song definitely sounds late nineties early millennium, without a doubt. I didn’t too much like the arrangement, way too much synth and made me think of being trapped in a box with a whole bunch of shiny stuff. Kimeru’s vocals were fine, but the arrangement seems to just overpower him at times and after a while I just didn’t want to be bothered. This isn’t a bad song, but its just one of those songs you get tired of, pretty fast.

The next track on the album is the throwback Kuro Honoo. This song sounds way 90’s colorful pop. The arrangement is synth and its pretty bland and plays like something my little sister a come up with on fruity loops. Its just way forgettable. Kimeru’s vocals were fitting, but he sounded weird to me for some reason and despite this being an all right song I just couldn’t connect. I listened to this track I believe three times, it does nothing for me.

The next track brings the pace down a bit with Mizu no Kioku. This is a nice song, but I won’t say its down-tempo even if the pace is a bit slower than what I’ve heard on this album so far. The arrangement is very familiar and I mean really familiar, I know I’ve heard it before. Its nice, but not anything that jumps out at you. Kimeru’s vocals were fitting, he sung this song the way it was suppose to be sung and though it isn’t all that interesting, I still found myself liking it somewhat.

The next track on the album is the up-tempo Koi no Performance. This song is pretty confusing, but I find myself inclined to like it. The arrangement is pretty frenzied, the electric guitar (that’s what is sounded like) seeming to blare chaotically all over the place. I mean it may seem like I disliked it, but I actually liked the arrangement a bit more than the song. Kimeru’s vocals reflected the disarray of the music, but a lot of the time he sounded a bit grating. His vocals were so fast and that’s appropriate, but it wasn’t in a way that awed, but in a way that slightly annoyed. I still like this song somewhat though, weird.

The next track on the album is the warped Airline Kiss. This is a song I should like, but I don’t. The arrangement does make you feel like you’re flying, pretty darn fast and I suppose that should be exciting but its a bit exasperating. Kimeru’s vocals were ear bleed inducing and half the time I did not know what he was saying, because it sounded like a whole bunch of nonsense. This song went completely over me, I do however kind a like the title.

The next track on the album is the rather sparkly Dive into the Heart. This isn’t a very interesting song, but I find that I kind a like it anyways. The arrangement is synth, I think there’s a guitar thrown in there and its kind of sparkly, its nothing really, but I liked it for some odd reason. Kimeru’s vocals were decent, if not a bit strange, I guess it was weird how he chose to sing the song but in the end it was an all right vocal performance and an all right song.

The next track on the album is the down-tempo Letter. Wow, I think this is the first and only down-tempo song on this album. Tragic. Anyways, I kind of liked the arrangement it was really nice and went well with Kimeru’s slow and rather somber vocal performance. This song is over five minutes but I had to play it over, because the first time it seemed really short, the second time it played a bit longer. I mean this isn’t a ballad that stands out, but its a somewhat decent though odd ending to this particular album.

The album comes with three remixes the first being Starry Heavens (John Doe mix). It sounds like he’s singing over interference and this remix is just way too long, over eight minutes. The second being Answer will come (O.S.R.). This was a pretty interesting and somewhat good remix or song? But after a while it tends to drag. The third being Be Shiny (Trident’s Rock-A-Head mix). I liked this remix the least, but its pretty energetic and long for those who like songs like this.

Rating: * star

Kimeru’s second album Galaxy Kiss is pretty much unmemorable. I’m not saying its a bad album (I am…), I’m just saying its not my cup of tea. Its too dance, pop, trance mix for me and well I like to dance, but not that kind of dancing. I thought the beats were pretty interesting, but generic at the same time and Kimeru’s vocals did little to impress me. I mean he has a nice voice, but I’ve heard it before and better. I can’t say I truly liked one song on this album, because I can’t really remember any of them and I wasn’t to fond of the three remixes tacked on at the end of it, couldn’t he have put them on singles? Galaxy Kiss in my opinion is a pretty forgettable album, but that could be because I don’t get into music like this, but I’m always up for something different. After listening to this I’m not too enthused about reviewing his next two albums and mini album… I’m actually really wary of them.


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