Misia [Catch the Rainbow] (21st Single)

March 9, 2009

Catch the Rainbow
Joyful Moment
Catch the Rainbow (Sakoshin 808 Mix)
Catch the Rainbow (Mega Raiders Electro Mix)
Catch the Rainbow (Mega Raiders Floor Mix)
Catch the Rainbow (The Lowbrows “Turn up the Bass” Remix)
Catch the Rainbow (The Lowbrows “Turn up the Bass” Dub)
Catch the Rainbow (Gomi’s Old School Remix)

Misia’s 21st single starts off with the a-side Catch the Rainbow. I had no idea that Misia was going to release this as a full single, because I had planned on reviewing the digital, but changed my mind when this came out. Its still as addicting as it was when I first listened to it. Misia has such great dance tracks, some of the best I’ve ever heard period. The arrangement sounds so funky an old school I just love it and really wish she had included the instrumental. Misia’s vocals are great as usual, definitely love how she chose to sing this, though in all truth the beat makes this entire track.

The next track on the single is its b-side Joyful Moment. This song slows the pace down a little and though it didn’t jump out at me on first listen, by the end I found it quite enjoyable and actually hope to hear it on her next studio album. The arrangement is pretty fresh, which was what I expected and I’m glad it wasn’t as down-tempo as it could have been, it gave the song a very soulful and positive vibe that was a serious breath of fresh air. Misia’s vocals were great, because when are they not, seriously? I could listen to her forever, and I’m actually shocked that there’s a few songs from her that I don’t favor because Misia has the type of voice that will make you like songs you wouldn’t normally like. All in all, this was a good b-side.

This single also comes with a slew of remixes. They all pretty much suck… well in my opinion.

Rating: ** stars

Misia’s 23rd single Catch the Rainbow was good. Misia has had some good singles leading up to her as of not mentioned ninth album, my favorite being Yes Forever which I’ll be reviewing at some point. I’m anticipating this next album so bad. I’m glad she extended this into a single, because ‘catch the rainbow’ deserved it by being such an addicting dance track and the milder Joyful Moment compliments it perfectly. I could have done without the pointless remixes though, they kind a brought the single down a bit.


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