Namie Amuro [WILD/Dr…] (34th Single)

March 18, 2009


Namie Amuro’s 34th single starts off with the a-side WILD. I have never liked this song, but that’s to be expected, because I honestly thought I would, especially with ‘wild’ as its title. I just think the song is very underwhelming, and I really don’t like the synth (and I’m praying that Namie doesn’t make a habit of this, because I’m not feeling it at all), I mean it gives off a dark and robotic atmosphere, but I just did not get a wild vibe while listening to this, I mostly felt stiff. I didn’t think her vocals were bad, the chorus is pretty all right, but the whole flow of the song just exasperates me. I also don’t like how short this track is and how it seems to just end, leaving you confused and wondering what you were just listening to. This is a weak track and one of her weakest a-sides in a long, long while. The video was also pretty fail.

The next track on the single is its second a-side Dr…. This is a whole lot better than the first a-side, to the point that I ignore ‘wild’ completely and go straight to this. The video was better too. The arrangement was sensual to me for some reason, I really liked how slow and almost hypnotic it was, a whole lot better and cleaner than the previous’. Namie’s vocals were also a lot better as well, I definitely enjoyed her vocal performance. The ‘please save us dr.!’ is also my favorite part of the song, very nice. Its also quite funny, because the ‘dr.’ gives me such a timid/mad scientist vibe, hmm… maybe they’re one in the same?

Rating: ** stars

Namie Amuro’s 34th double a-side single WILD/Dr… was a step down from 60s70s80s, but at least we got ‘dr.’ out the deal. Though this single wasn’t as good as I thought it would be, its always good to hear some new material from Namie. I really hope she keeps them coming, along with another album.


4 Responses to “Namie Amuro [WILD/Dr…] (34th Single)”

  1. wjohns Says:

    I love how Namie experiments with so many types of music and messages in songs, although i’ve never listen to these songs before.

    • memoriesoflove Says:

      Namie took her music in a new direction with ‘play’ and she’s kept that same style since, and though its still fresh I just don’t want it to get old. I like her rnb style, but ‘dr…’ was a good track and you just might like ‘wild’.

  2. wjohns Says:

    i just got done listening to those songs, i didn’t like either but who knows they’ll grow on me since it’s namie singing and i love her but these songs didn’t do too much for me, just a bit too much techno but i did enjoy her vocal performances though.

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