Okui Masami [Melted Snow] (43rd Single)

March 23, 2009

Melted Snow
Shape of myself

Okui Masami’s 43rd single starts off with the a-side Melted Snow. This is a really average song, almost enough to bore me. I’m on the fence with this song, but I think I like it. The arrangement, despite being very simple is gorgeous and I love the subtle winter-y-ness of it. Okui’s vocals were surprisingly soft and they went well with the whole flow of the song, so I didn’t really have a problem with the vocal department either. The song is however too long to not offer much of anything and though it never really felt long I just had this sudden urge to go to sleep while listening to it. I’ll admit its a nice track though, but pretty safe for an a-side, even for a ballad.

The next track on the album is its b-side Shape of myself. If I thought the a-side was average, its nothing compared to this. Its like one of those insert songs you hear at some climactic moment in an anime, and I think it would sound better in that type of setting than on this single. Its so typical that its almost mind-boggling, from the arrangement right down to the vocal performance. I’ve heard ‘shape of myself’ a zillion times before and better, this is a forgettable b-side and I really wish Masami would have kept it as just that.

Rating: ** stars

Okui Masami’s 43rd single Melted Snow was all right, but I thought INSANITY stood out a lot more, even though I like this a-side a bit more. Melted Snow is a pretty ballad, but it plays more like a lullaby. Shape of myself is as cliche as its gets though, definitely.


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