Otsuka Ai [Pocket] (17th Single)

March 26, 2009


Otsuka Ai’s 17th single starts off with the a-side Pocket. Ai-chan is very good at ballads, I will most certainly give her that and though this is quite possibly one of her more weaker ballads to date, I still always find that I enjoy it. The arrangement is very simple and gives you this feeling of wanting someone, as in always wanting to be by that persons side. Otsuka’s vocals also reflect that, I thought. Her vocal performance wasn’t very strong and she appeared to be straining at key moments in the track, but I thought she pulled it off nonetheless. This song is very precious, that’s the best word I can use to describe it, it is also very sad to me at the same time.

The next track on the single is its first b-side Ticket. This song is a bit more up in the tempo and its almost a relief after listening to the melancholy of the a-side. This is a pretty average track, but I like how optimistic it is.

The last track on the single is its second b-side LIFE – LOVE CiRCLE. This song is a bit around the mid-tempo mark and plays a lot more memorably than the previous track. I liked the drums, made the song fun and light. Otsuka’s vocals were also pretty cheery and cute and those two together made this a nice listen. Its one of those songs that can put a smile on your face, its also pretty catchy.

Rating: ** stars

Otsuka Ai’s 17th single Pocket was a pretty decent single, but its also forgettable at the same time. Pocket is a nice warm ballad from her, but its also one of her more weaker ballads in terms of quality. Ticket was a nice optimistic track, but is the most forgettable song on the single. LIFE – LOVE CiRCLE rounds things out nicely, but at the same time its also not one of her best songs. This single makes me think of a carnival and carnival’s make me sad.


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