BoA [BoA] (First English Album)

March 29, 2009

I Did It for Love
Did Ya
Look Who’s Talking
Eat You Up
Girls On Top
Dress Off
Hypnotic Dancefloor

The album starts off with the infectious I Did It for Love. This is a pretty addicting track and a nice overall start to the album. The arrangement was tech’d to death, but suitably so and it certainly has enough going for it to get your body moving and keep it moving. BoA’s vocals were obviously vocodered, but she pulled it off I really liked how assertive she sounded, almost bitter in a sense. I didn’t too much like Sean Garret’s part he sounded like a girl in my opinion, but luckily his small part doesn’t detract. The chorus is definitely the high light.

The next track on the album is the synthy Energetic. This track pretty much plays like the previous, only difference is the tech’d arrangement has been turned up a notch and BoA’s vocals are a lot more hard-hitting. This track isn’t bad and I can certainly see why people would enjoy it, but to me its pretty not interesting. The whole approach seems very played out and lame.

The next track on the album is the relate-able Did Ya. I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I must give BoA her props for this track, there is nothing I like more than a tune about self-empowerment. The arrangement is rather cliche, I honestly don’t care for it, because it does nothing interesting and sounds like someone blowing air through a pipe or something. I did however like BoA’s vocals, not a trace of Engrish and she gave a strong vocal performance, so I was rather surprised by that. This song makes me think of Rihanna’s ‘last time’ song and I’m feeling it.

The next track on the album continues the tech with Look Who’s Talking. I first heard this song like pretty much everyone else during a live and I remember thinking she should have released this instead of ‘eat you up’ because its more in your face and stable. The arrangement is nothing different, but I did like the heavy static during the ‘me, me, me’ parts of the chorus. BoA’s vocals were once again very consistent and strong, which is just blowing my mind at this point. This track seems oddly short for some reason, but it does get its point across. It reminds me of her ‘i don’t give a damn’ song off her fourth korean album, kudos.

The next track on the album is the first single Eat You Up. This song, goodness. I still think its stupid, but its certainly catchy. BoA’s Engrish is rather glaring in this, which I found strange, because I hardly noticed it in the previous tracks. The arrangement is pretty addicting, I like. I don’t know, maybe this song is growing on me, or maybe I’m losing my mind…

The next track on the album is Obsessed. This song is interesting, I actually found myself liking it a bit. The arrangement is the typical techno, electronica fare, but it managed to play nice and hold my attention. I kind a really liked BoA’s vocal in this, pretty smooth. The chorus is the best part.

The next track on the album is the rather out of character Touched. I’m nearly speechless, this is so unlike BoA, but I think I like it anyways. The arrangement is same, but its very hard-hitting, despite the fact that it does nothing. BoA does not sound like BoA, I’m actually having a hard time believing its actually her singing this and not someone else. I mean I didn’t notice any Engrish and her vocal performance was so straight to the point and aggressive that I actually can’t not like this song… and its pretty lame to me. I mean I guess I just find it sexy in a non sexy way, if that makes any sense.

The next track on the album is the semi dark Scream. I’m not surprised by the direction in which this song went, very fitting. The arrangement is pretty interesting, gives one the impression of conflicted emotions and white flashing on and off in the darkness. BoA’s vocals are edged with a confidence that I like and are rather powerful in this track. I’m not sure if I really like this, but I do like the flow and the chorus.

The next track on the album is the remake of Girls On Top. It appears that BoA and Utada were both thinking the same thing: ‘lets take one of our best and most well-known songs and turn them into crappy English versions of there originals’ I’ll admit, this is a far cry more better than Hikki’s English version of ‘automatic’ but it still sucks. The arrangement is the same, but it sounds underwhelming compared to the fire of the original. BoA harps on about wanting to be herself and how she’s going to be herself and by the end I’m thinking, ‘who cares?’ you’ve never sung techno before, so just like everyone else all of sudden you decide to jump on the techno bandwagon and devote your entire first English album to it. Yeah, way to be yourself BoA. Pass.

The second to last track on the album is the tired Dress Off. This song is lame, simply lame. The arrangement is forgettable and sounds like some throwaway beat from Britney’s Circus album. Ah, speaking of Britney why does this song seem to be channeling her? I kept thinking of Britney singing ‘Don’t Cha’ from the Pussycat Dolls. I can’t even pretend to like this song, mostly because it doesn’t sound like BoA at all. I stopped listening at the ‘want to take my dress off’ part. How lame is that? Boo.

The last track on the album is Hypnotic Dancefloor. This isn’t a bad song, but I just realized while listening to it that I just didn’t really care how hypnotic the dance floor is. The arrangement was pretty same, though I did think the whole techno snap and clap beat was odd. BoA’s vocals are pretty psuedo sexual, she did a decent job. I don’t know this is an all right ending to the album, but it just seemed pretty stale and cliche to me… kind a like this whole album.

Rating: * star

BoA’s first English album BoA went pretty much in the direction I thought it would, I’m really not surprised that she decided to dedicate her entire first English venture to techno music and Britney Spears. I’m not being bias in the least, though I may come across as such. This album is as average as it gets, nothing more and nothing less. The beats are all pretty much the same, just tweaked to fit the flow of the songs. I found it odd that BoA’s Engrish was so absent yet ‘eat you up’ stands out as a glaring beacon of light. I mean it just doesn’t add up; either that’s one hell of a vocoder or there’s someone else singing these songs, because there’s no way her English can get so good in such a short period of time and if it has, my mistake. The songs are all pretty hit or miss and the only ones that I care for are ‘i did it for love’, ‘did ya’ and ‘look who’s talking’, the rest are as forgettable and throwaway as it gets, even if I did like those other three songs. I don’t get why Utada’s album got so much hate and people seem to be praising this, if you ask me BoA went down the same route Utada did in terms of music: BoA picked the genre that everyone seems to be interested in at the moment an ran with it, only difference is hers is a bit more mainstream and appealing. I don’t think BoA’s album is better than Utada’s in the least, Utada’s English album was just as average, but a lot more satisfying. If you ask me the sellout is BoA, not Utada. Utada’s been doing rnb since the beginning, how is she selling out doing the very genre of music that jump started her career? I don’t get that part. I’m not surprised that people enjoyed this a lot more than Hikki’s English album, its to be expected. Me? I’m with Utada on this one.


14 Responses to “BoA [BoA] (First English Album)”

  1. wjohns Says:

    BoA should have choose r&b for this album since she started off with that on her first album id;peace b but I enjoyed this album. Utada should tried the same thing with the whole ‘same beat/arrangement’ thing on Automatic Part II because the way it was made already was awful and bland even though I liked it at first.

    • memoriesoflove Says:

      I agree, and not because I kind a hate techno music with a passion. Automatic Part II was just awful, I wish Utada had just left it alone.

  2. wjohns Says:

    By the way, speaking of Utada; I wonder if BoA might show her some dance moves or something if they ever meet each other; you can’t relate on your vocals for long 🙂

  3. wjohns Says:

    oops, i meant rely on them; sorry, i’m not all that good with constructing sentences!

    • memoriesoflove Says:

      It seems like Utada is doing just fine relying on her vocals, she is selling more than BoA and always has, and we know BoA can dance! I also don’t like the thought of Utada dancing, because I don’t think she can, no matter how much practice she gets.

  4. wjohns Says:

    I heard BoA is gonna release this album again with three new songs and when i heard that, i seriously wanted to groan miserably because she’s letting the americans change her style too much and they want her to be another britney spears but when i think of it now, she might at least try some r&b in at least one or two, i don’t know maybe she’ll lay off that vocoder and let her vocals shine.

    • memoriesoflove Says:

      I really hope so, but techno honestly rubs me the wrong way. I also don’t like how she’s trying to sex up her image, its like ‘no, please’ BoA and sexy just does not compute to me. Also, I hate when they release the same album with a couple new tracks, its a waste, I’d rather just download the tacked on tracks, rather then waste money buying the same album twice. Fail.

  5. wjohns Says:

    it’s gonna be a repackaged album but whatever i’ll just get the new songs instead of waste money, here’s the link for the front cover of it below.

    the album is gonna be called ‘BoA Deluxe’

    • memoriesoflove Says:

      i’ve seen that cover, not sure if i like it though, it seems a bit played out. ‘boa deluxe’? yawn. normally they call it ‘album, special addition’ do you know the new songs that are going to be on there?

  6. wjohns Says:

    i’ve just heard one of them called ‘beautiful’ with akon in it but when i heard i was a tad disappointed because i could barely hear her singing but if you wanna hear it check it out; it’s already on youtube

    but as of the others, i don’t know what they are, all i know is that there will also be a remix to one of the songs from her US debut album so that makes it 4 new songs but i still don’t know what they’re gonna be…

  7. wjohns Says:

    oops, that’s not one of them, sorry! but i did find three of the new song names ‘control’ and ‘crazy about’ and just a radio edit of ‘energetic.’

    • memoriesoflove Says:

      hmm? i’m not too interested, but i’m definitely going to give those two songs a listen when i hear it. i don’t like boa with akon, it makes me think of hikki with ne-yo and though it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, i still didn’t really like that version of ‘because of you’.

  8. wjohns Says:

    hey, memory! i found the two new tracks from BoA for her album ‘BoA Deluxe’ the links are below if you wanna listen to them or download them


    • memoriesoflove Says:

      thank-you. i’ve listened to the two of them recently and i can honestly say i like both tracks. i think she should have included them on the original album.

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