Rie Fu [PRESENT] (12th Single)

April 1, 2009

Time Traffic (Rie fu mix)
Dou Yara Kyou mo Shibuya Made

Rie Fu’s 12th single starts off with the a-side PRESENT. I liked ‘romantic’ a lot, but it was definitely good to hear Rie return to normalcy, this is the reason why I love her and her music so much. Its just such a calming song and not boring at all. The arrangement is piano driven, but its just so nice on the ears and makes me think of someone smiling softly down at me. Rie’s vocal performance was gorgeous, I just love how she always seems to sound like a mother lulling her children to sleep. I got the vibe of a ‘present’, a present of love from someone precious, someone you’ll always remember.

The next track on the single is its first b-side Time Traffic (Rie fu mix). This is a bit more up in the tempo and goes left compared to the a-side. The arrangement is pretty urban, a normal day in the metropolis. It also gave me such a futuristic vibe. Rie’s vocals were decent, but I just didn’t really dig it when her voice got all high during the chorus that always seemed to come out of nowhere. I swear every time her and that Leo Imai guy would start singing together, my heart would jump. I don’t too much care for this track, but its different, Rie Fu wise anyways. Its also pretty catchy.

The last track on the single is its second b-side Dou Yara Kyou mo Shibuya Made. I actually expected this to be a ballad, but I am pleased with the direction it took. The arrangement is very quirky in a calm way and makes me think of the wind blowing on a sunny day. Rie’s vocal performance was pretty lively, especially during the chorus, which was pretty catchy in a nostalgic kind of way. This song gives one the feeling of going somewhere in which they have been before.

Rating: **1/2 stars

Rie Fu’s 12th single PRESENT was a good single, I actually think its better than her ‘romantic’ single. PRESENT is the return of the Rie Fu we all know in love, I really hope she never ditches this style of music, its just so her. Time Traffic was all right, but I didn’t really care all that much for it. I adored Dou Yara Kyou mo Shibuya Made if only because it sounds so quirky coming from Rie, I also like how catchy the chorus is. This was a nice single.


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