Salyu [CORUTEO~Gyouretsu/HALFWAY] (11th Single)

April 3, 2009


Salyu’s 11th single starts off with the a-side CORUTEO~Gyouretsu. This is my second time really listening to a Salyu song and I’d have to say I really kind a like her vocals. This song seems very period piece to me, like as far back as the 30’s and it gives me such a black and white feeling that is oddly comforting. The arrangement is very strings driven and though I focused more on Salyu’s voice than it, it still did its part. I for one think Salyu sounds tragic and her vocal performance gives off such a feeling of longing especially when she goes for those higher notes that make it seem like she is straining. This is a nice and pretty quiet a-side.

The next track on the single is its b-side HALFWAY. I think I like this track a lot more than the a-side, if only because it seems to be a lot more memorable. The arrangement is very poignant, but so very sad. I like how it sounds like someone is whistling and makes you think of bleak days. Salyu’s vocals remind me of Rurutia’s; weakly strong and very much so effective. This song also gives off a feeling of longing, infinite longing, a longing for someone that all but consumes and leaves you ponderous and alone.

Rating: *** stars

Salyu’s 11th single CORUTEO~Gyouretsu/HALFWAY was a very good single and makes me anxious for more. CORUTEO~Gyouretsu is such a felt a-side that makes you think of long ago days and regrets. HALFWAY is a much slower song that gives off a feeling of loneliness and longing. Salyu is definitely going to become one of my favorites, I can feel it.


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