mink [e+motion] (Second Album)

April 8, 2009


One Wish
Rescue Me ~kimi ga ita kara~
Seinaru yoru ni itai basho
Bring it on ~atarashii sekai e~
Egao no housoku
One Suitcase ~Wakare no Asa~
Amazing Grace
Glory of Life -Darryl James remix

The album starts off with the rather long One Wish. Ah, not only is this song long, but its long-winded. It makes it almost impossible to care about this track, because my attention span just isn’t equipped to be bothered for that long when the song is say… boring. The arrangement is rather stale, because its typical and cliche, especially for a song like this. mink’s vocals are decent, but very weak so that in turn made it very hard to take her or this song seriously. This track had the potential to be pretty good, but the length, cliche-ness and mink’s un-powerful vocal performance make this song quite exasperating and uninteresting.

The next track on the album keeps the down-tempo’s coming with Rescue Me ~kimi ga ita kara~. This is a good song, I actually want to listen to it again, I will after I write this review. It doesn’t shy too much away from the previous track, it just ups it in just about everything. The arrangement is pretty natural, typical for a song like this, but it creates mood and atmosphere and that’s pretty much all I ask for in an arrangement. mink’s vocals are quite good in this and makes me wonder why they sounded so weak in the previous track, because she displayed some vocal prowess especially on the, ‘you came and rescued me’ which are my favorite parts of the song. I hope the rest of the album plays just as good, because this is officially one of my favorite mink tracks.

The next track on the album is the Gospel-esque Automatically. I’m going to say this is one of those inspirational tracks that I love, but in this case its pretty much a miss. I like the arrangement a bit, it sounds very airy and makes me think a tad of Sunday morning. mink’s vocals to be honest are pretty hit or miss with me and even when they’re hit I just find that I don’t like her voice, but I want to give her the benefit of the doubt. This song is OK and I like the Gospel route she took with this, but I just find that I don’t care for it, not at all and its pretty forgettable.

The next track on the album is the odd Seinaru yoru ni itai basho. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that this is a Christmas tune, why? Well, because of the bells, the obvious festive air of the song and when mink utters: ‘christmas time’ or something along those lines. I really don’t like mink’s vocals in this song, because she has this obvious rasp that seems to just come from nowhere, because I haven’t heard it so far (or I haven’t been paying a lot of attention to her vocal performances) and it just drags a potentially good song down and makes it boring. I like how she ends the track, but everything before that is pretty much over my head.

The next track on the album is the Gospel-y Bring it on ~atarashii sekai e~. I had to listen to this song twice, because I didn’t really follow it all that much the first time… or the second time. Its a good song, a nice Gospel-esque, tinkle-beat arrangement that’s very fitting and mink gave off a rather strong and consistent vocal performance, but its just one of those songs you listen to once and don’t ever bother listening to again, unless by chance.

The next track slows the pace down a bit more with Egao no housoku. This is a really nice song as well, with a clear and rather sparkly arrangement and a good vocal performance from mink. However, I just don’t like the length, it just seems to go on forever and that drags the song down and makes it a bit dull.

The next track on the album is the lovely One Suitcase ~Wakare no Asa~. I have fallen for this song and I’m relieved because finally a song I like on this album as much as ‘rescue me’. I thought the arrangement was so nostalgic, and it just makes you think of quiet and a bright light. I could picture mink throwing open her window and letting in a warm breeze, looking towards the sky and just smiling for no reason, though a sad smile. mink’s vocal performance was gorgeous, I knew she had it in her, because I can just listen to her tones in this track all day. The chorus is the best part and I love when she says: ‘should i stay, or should i go?’

The next track on the album is a cover of Amazing Grace. This is another song that’s been covered like crazy. I thought it was nice how the song started with the instrumental, a nice nod to lounge and jazz. I didn’t however care for the humming so I was glad when she actually started singing. I love how smoky her voice sounds and her English isn’t bad either. This was a competent cover of a classic an very inspirational and uplifting song.

The next track on the album is the rather sensual beautiful -BAYAKA PIANO MIX. This song is pretty different, I actually thought it was going to be an instrumental, because the actual instrumental went on for far longer than it should have and that dragged the song down a little. The arrangement has a bit of variety, with a few traditional instruments and makes me think of Hawaii at night for some reason. mink’s vocals sounded sparse and a lot of the time I couldn’t even make out what she was saying, because it sounded like she was mumbling, or its just the way she was singing did not appeal to me and bored me. This is a pretty positive song, but I don’t like it. Its an all right and long listen though.

The last track on the album is the inspirational Glory of Life -Darryl James remix. Ah, this song was just like the previous in which it took entirely too long to get to the point. mink sings this song in English and despite a few instances of Engrish her English is pretty good. This song has a lot of variety, I definitely loved the flute, brought such character and atmosphere to this track. mink’s vocals were fair as well, but I hardly cared, because despite the positive nature of it it was just pretty exasperating and boring.

Rating: * star

mink’s second album e+motion was rather disappointing. I think it mostly lies in mink’s voice, it seems to sound good one minute and not so good the next and it just fluctuates and that not so good part, ruins some potentially good songs. I mean the songs that I wanted to like were just boring and I just couldn’t understand it. I mean Rescue Me ~kimi ga ita kara~ and One Suitcase ~Wakare no Asa~ my two favorite tracks boasts such good vocal performances from her, it really just blows my mind. I still think I may grow to like her, not a lot of J-artists can pull off the whole gospel thing and I thought it was neat and very Namie Amuro-ish back in the nineties of her, only with much stronger vocals. This album is rather forgettable in almost every sense of the word, which is a shame because I actually thought I was going to enjoy this. Irrelevant, but her name stands for Made IN Korea, very clever.


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