Tommy February6 [Lonely in Gorgeous] (8th Single)

April 15, 2009

lonely♥Lonely in Gorgeous♥
Is this feeling love?
E-mail♥ more

Tommy February6’s 11th single starts off with the a-side ♥Lonely in Gorgeous♥. I always think this song is titled ‘lonely is gorgeous’ which I like better. Anyways, this is definitely in my top five favorite Tommy February6 tracks and if not for ‘love is forever’, ‘futari no seaside’ and ‘everyday at the bus stop’ this would be my favorite without a doubt. I love the arrangement, its so clever sounding and I always have this urge to laugh whenever I hear it for some odd reason. Its just very infectious. Tommy’s vocals are just the love in this track, I just cannot help but sing along with her, like I’m compelled or something. It also gives off a nice nostalgic vibe that is very subtle as well; I just love this song, especially the chorus. It never seems to get old.

The next track on the single is its first b-side Is this feeling love?. This is a really sweet song and what a contrast to ‘lonely in gorgeous’ because this song is just so soft, as where the previous was a bit more hard-hitting. The synth is very prominent in the arrangement, which gave it such an 80’s feel, I really like that, because it played so well and gave the song such a lovely and calm atmosphere. Tommy’s vocals were very nice, I just loved listening to her sing, especially the chorus. It seems almost bittersweet in a sense and I can just see her in a room with a whole bunch of light filtering in through the window and wondering if she is in love. I almost like this more than the a-side.

The last track on the single is its second b-side E-mail♥ more. I didn’t think this single could get any better, but it certainly does. I like ‘is this feeling love?’ a lot more, but this is definitely a good track as well. The arrangement is more 80’s prominent, with the synth and electonica sound. I’m also wondering if there was some electric keyboard thrown in there? Tommy’s vocals matched the beat perfectly, which is always nice. The chorus definitely stands out, I actually sang along at one point and had to stop myself from getting up and dancing.

Rating: *** stars

Tommy February6’s 11th single Lonely in Gorgeous was such a good single, seriously. Its very rare that I like all the single tracks on a single, so this was a feat in itself, but Tommy certainly pulled it off with three great tracks. I’m really anxious for another Tommy February6 single, I like this persona of hers a lot more.


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