Tohoshinki [If…!?/Rainy Night] (19th Single (3rd in TRICK series)

April 16, 2009

Rainy Night (JUNSU from Tohoshinki)

The third single in the TRICK series starts off with the first a-side If…!?. This isn’t a bad song, I actually like how catchy it is, but its rather ridiculous. The arrangement starts off with some disk-scratching then becomes something else entirely. Its pretty experimental and also it samples Michael Jackson’s ‘smooth criminal’ though it isn’t just the arrangement that’s sampling Michael its Junsu himself, he seems to be channeling Michael by humorously mimicking the way he sings, it came off as endearing yet silly. The other members offer their vocals, but its mostly Junsu, which isn’t bad at all. I kind a like this song, but at the same time I really can’t take it seriously, meaning even if I did like it like it, I wouldn’t really listen to it.

The next track on the single is its second a-side Rainy Night (JUNSU from Tohoshinki). This is your typical ballad fare, but its executed rather nicely. The arrangement is generically sparkly and somber, but it does its part. Junsu’s vocals are best suited for power ballads I believe, but he gave a nice vocal performance regardless. Junsu’s vocals are the best part about this song actually and the reason why I enjoyed it, especially the ‘baby, i still love you’ parts.

Rating: ** stars

Tohoshinki’s 18th single and 3rd in the TRICK series If…!?/Rainy Night was pretty all right I’d say, even if the a-side was unintentionally humorous. I enjoyed Junsu’s solo song though, no surprise there, I love his voice.


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