Olivia [The Lost Lolli] (Second Album)

April 17, 2009


Alone in our Castle
Fake Flowers
Blind Unicorn
Devil’s in me
Celestial Delinquent
Space Halo
SpidERSpins (Lost Lolli Mix)
Under Your Waves
Sea Me (English Version)
Into The Stars (Live Arrangement)

The album starts off with the rather wistful Alone in our Castle. I admit when this song first started up I thought I wasn’t going to like it, because I wasn’t too much feeling Olivia’s vocal performance (or the arrangement), somewhere along the way it evened itself out and became a pretty good song. I love how desolate the arrangement sounds, its rather eery in a sense and gives you such a feeling of isolation an loneliness. Olivia’s vocal performance I really adored, she put so much emotion and feeling into this track to make it so felt. This was an intriguing and depressing start to the album.

The next track on the album is Fake Flowers. I don’t like rock, not really, but its such a guilty pleasure of mine and Olivia can be pretty darn good at it, when she wants to be. This is a perfect example, well maybe not so perfect, but close enough. The arrangement consists mainly of the drums, but it also has this static quality to it that makes Olivia’s vocals sound muffled, I’m wondering if that was intentional? This is a nice song to bang your head and rebel to.

The next track on the album is the trainwreck Blind Unicorn. (sigh) Where to start? I actually thought I was going to like this song, I really did. The arrangement is really the only good thing about this track, the rock element of it was very suitable, but Olivia somehow managed to fuck it up by adding some carnival music that seemed to pop up out of nowhere and then if that wasn’t enough the song ends with that sound you hear when you’re testing a microphone–I mean what’s the fastest way to make someone’s ears ring? Olivia’s vocal performance wouldn’t have been so bad had she tried to make some aorta of sense, it sounded like some sort of fan recording, it was so immature in its delivery. Then if that wasn’t enough there’s this random part where Olivia starts going off for no apparent reason like she’s possessed, it was just weird. This song is fail.

The next track on the album is the rockin’ Devil’s in me. This has to be the most rock oriented track so far and that’s not a bad thing, but like I said I just don’t get into rock. The arrangement is pretty chaotic, I heard the drums more than anything, but there was some electric guitar thrown in there as well and it all just sounded insane. Olivia’s vocal performance was a bit spastic as well, I can’t even remember whether she was singing or having a fit, I kind a stopped caring after a while. This song is all over the place and I honestly can’t be bothered to care about it.

The next track on the album is the out there Celestial Delinquent. I really like this title, very creative. The arrangement seems to reflect it, as if sounds very space-y and empty. I don’t know, I kind of hardly noticed it and the looped sound didn’t really help. Its effective though, I guess. I liked Olivia’s vocal performance though, the high sort of echo-y use of tones was very fitting and made this song stand out a bit. The one thing I didn’t like was the random bit of English thrown in there, it just seemed to come out of nowhere and sounded like a whole bunch of pointless nonsense. Why does Olivia insist on doing this? It really irritates me and turns me off potentially good songs.

The next track on the album is the thoughtful Space Halo. I’m trying really hard not to think of BeYonce’s stupid Halo song. Anyways, this is a pretty nice track. The arrangement consists of sound, I know, but it does to me, it also sounds like a cacophony of fireflies at night, or maybe that’s just the impression I got from it. Olivia’s vocal performance was similar to the previous’, only more clear. I really like how this song seems to be conveying wanting to be that special someone, someone else needs.

The next track on the album is the quirky SpidERSpins (Lost Lolli Mix). I really like the title. I kind a like this song and I kind a don’t. I mean for such a creative title I was actually expecting the song to be more than what it was. The drum arrangement was pretty weak and played rather hollowly. Olivia’s vocals weren’t bad, I really liked how she seemed to get into it during the chorus, but I kind a wish she would have sounded less reasonable and more edgy. This is a decent track though.

The next track on the album is the edgy 026unconscious333. This is what ‘spiderspins’ should have been. The arrangement is primarily the drums, but they’re consistent and brings a lot of mood to the track with its rock flare. Olivia’s vocals were good in this, I also liked the random guy which was featured as well. The angry edge to their vocals really made this song stand out and I enjoyed the random bits of English thrown in there, they sounded just right as oppose to sounding, ‘wtf?’

The next track on the album is the misleading Under Your Waves. I actually expected this song to be down-tempo and more fluid, so I was definitely disappointed when it turned out to be a semi mid-tempo rock tune. Luckily the song is pretty all right. The arrangement is your typical fare of the drums, but I like the drums and it keeps the frenzied flow of the song going. Olivia’s vocal performance was different, even though it sounded like she was wailing most of the time, it was appropriate. I still wish it had been down-tempo, but its fine the way it is.

The next track on the album is the surreal Dreamcamp. This is how I wish ‘under your waves’ would have been. The arrangement is very soft and flowing, giving off a dream-like atmosphere reflective of the title. Olivia’s whisper-y and rather tranquil vocal performance was also good. There isn’t much to say about this song, because the quiet nature of it makes it one of those fade into the background tracks. Its a nice listen overall though.

The next track on the album is the chaotic Denial. This song reminds me a bit of her song ‘dekinai’ as the whole atmosphere of the song, including her vocals sound so conflicted and tortured. The difference is ‘dekinai’ was a dreary song I could get into, I can’t really get into this despite somewhat liking it. It just seems to drag on and on and on for no apparent reason and after awhile you get tired of hearing Olivia scream because it stops being endearing and becomes a wangst-fest.

The second to last track on the album is the surprising Sea Me (English Version). I really like the play on words and the fact that this song isn’t half bad. I honestly thought I wasn’t going to like it. The arrangement is typical, but I like how it sounds like the waves crashing against the shore or splashing against the side of a rocky cliff. Olivia’s vocal performance was nice to, I really loved her voice during the chorus and the, ‘kiss me forever’ parts. I think Olivia and her odd take at music is growing on me.

The last track on the album is the wangst-fest Into The Stars (Live Arrangement). This song doesn’t sound live to me, its sounds like a regular track. The arrangement is pretty quiet, subtle. Its not terribly interesting, but its not bad either. Olivia’s vocal performance was also pretty good, but I honestly didn’t care for the overdone angst. I can’t recall the verses, but the chorus certainly stood out. This isn’t a bad track, its pretty listenable and I really like the title; its just not a song I care for. A decent end to the album though.

Rating: ** stars

Olivia’s second album The Lost Lolli was a pretty decent album and I’ll say its the best full length album I’ve heard from her so far. It felt a bit good to hear her give her rock songs some justice with good arrangements and somewhat strong vocal performances. I was a bit let down by the fact that she didn’t really have any down-tempo’s on here, the closest I got to a down-tempo was ‘alone in our castle’, but either way I thought this was a nice album from her, not all that memorable at the end of the day, but like I said she has some good tracks on here. I always love her song titles: Celestial Delinquent, SpidERSpins, Under Your Waves, Sea Me…


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