Perfume [Perfume ~Complete Best~] (Compilation Album)

April 20, 2009


Perfect Star Perfect Style
Linear Motor Girl
Computer City
Electro World (Album Version)
Inryoku (引力, Gravity)
Monochrome Effect
Vitamin Drop
Sweet Donuts
Computer Driving

The album starts off with one of my favorites Perfect Star Perfect Style. I just get so happy whenever I click this song on, its so delightful. Anyways, after ‘chocolate disco’ this is definitely my favorite Perfume song, its such a fun listen. The arrangement is so light and whimsical and really makes you smile all content like with its catchy infectiousness. Perfume’s vocal performances were quite adorable in this, I just love when they get to singing the chorus I always have this urge to dance and it always just makes me happy. I always think of someone whose perfect when I listen to this track, untainted by the world.

The next track on the album is Linear Motor Girl. I don’t know, I kind a like this song and I kind a don’t, but I guess I like it more than I dislike it. The arrangement is pretty simple, for a techno beat its rather smooth and of course made me think of circuits. Perfume’s vocal performances were pretty nice, catchy during the chorus’, but that’s to be expected. I did think this track was a tad bit annoying, but I did like how they took it out.

The next track on the album is the surprising Computer City. I can’t believe I actually found myself enjoying this, but it was a pretty interesting song. The arrangement seemed a bit fuzzy, I’m not saying it was actually fuzzy, but it just came across as that if only because it was pretty tame. Perfume’s vocals were nice, I definitely like how it sounded like a computer city or something. I’m not sure a place like that would be fun, but it’d be neat in a dorky kind a way if one did exist.

The next track on the album is the hit or miss Electro World (Album Version). I don’t know why this song is such a miss to me, but I’ve never really liked it. It always just seems to go completely over my head. I mean the arrangement is pretty simple for a techno beat and doesn’t really sound new or different in the least. Perfume’s vocals are all right, but I didn’t really care for them and they didn’t seem to appeal to me like they did in the previous three tracks. I like the title though.

The next track on the album is the lucid Inryoku (引力, Gravity). This is one of those songs that just passes completely over me, seriously. The arrangement is very light in the techno and consists of a number of beeps and bleeps that got old and corny pretty fast. It did make the song sound very retro though. The vocal performances were pretty stagnant, it just sounded like three female robots singing while doing menial house chores.

The next track on the album is the kid-bop-ish Monochrome Effect. I don’t know, this is a pretty flat song, but I guess I like the flow of it. The arrangement is very plain for a techno beat and makes me think of the color yellow, or maybe the sun? The vocal performances were pretty cute and I guess that makes this otherwise uninteresting song, pretty appealing? I don’t know, ‘electro world’ was a lot better.

The next track on the album is the mild Vitamin Drop. I’m a bit surprised at how slow-paced and calm this song is. The arrangement is pretty mellow and makes you think of slow and somewhat hot summers day. The vocal performances were nice, I didn’t notice a vocoder, but they pulled it off. This song doesn’t do much, of anything, but I do like the flow of it.

The next track on the single is the mildly quirky Sweet Donuts. This is a song I never really paid attention to and probably never will. The arrangement is some techno, though light and simple. Its nothing much, but it fits the song. The vocal performances were decent, but I only noticed the chorus. This song is all right, but pretty forgettable.

The next track on the album is Foundation. Hmm? I’m having a hard time figuring out what to say, but I will say I’m a bit on the fence with this. The arrangement is light synth, nothing special, different, or anything that particular stands out, but it was pretty nice. Perfume’s vocal performances were decent as well, though I can only recall the chorus. This song is all right, but it does play like background music.

The next track on the album is the whimsical Computer Driving. I think I’m losing my mind, but what an intriguing song. Its so mindless that you can’t help but like it. The arrangement made me think of the 80’s, the xylophone, karaoke, pac-man, bright colors and sparkles. It was like a mind-fuck. Perfume’s voices were very cute-sy, but I’m going to retract that an say they sounded very innocent, which suited the song I guess. I mean I wouldn’t listen to this track just to listen to it, I happen to like ‘computer city’ a lot more, but this was OK if not a tad bit mind-numbing.

The second to last track on the album is the spastic Perfume. This song seemed to pass by me in a blur, I’m actually trying to figure out how to piece this together. The arrangement makes me think of old Saturday morning cartoons, because of the juvenile catchy-ness of it. The same could be said about Perfume’s vocal performances, because it was almost as if they couldn’t help themselves and were compelled to sing this song in such an irritating and quick way. I’ve heard worse, but this song is pretty annoying.

The last track on the album is wonder2. I’m on the fence with this track, on the one hand I honestly don’t care about it and then on the other hand its not a bad song. The arrangement was a mixture of air and techno, so it made for a pretty interesting song. Perfume’s vocal performances were decent, but I can only recall the chorus, which is pretty typical when reviewing Perfume, I sometimes only ever remember the chorus, because its repeated so damn much.

Rating: * star

Perfume’s first best album Perfume ~Complete Best~ was pretty underwhelming, but it did offer up a few good tracks. The first time I listened to this album (after being converted by ‘chocolate disco’) I pretty much liked it, but at the same time I found myself incredibly bored with it. I’m more trapped in the middle this second time around. The whole album seems very safe with the techno pop and average vocal performances an that makes it a bit forgettable in a sense. I’m actually glad they’ve acquired more of an edge music wise, because this album is pretty mediocre and for this to be a best album to showcase all your best songs in one sitting that is just no good. I’ll have to say though despite the fact that I don’t really care for this album, I’ll give it one thing, ‘perfect star, perfect style’ is definitely one of my favorite songs.


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