Yui Horie [silky heart] (12th Single)

April 20, 2009

s12silky heart
Love Countdown
Hoshizora to Pajama

Yui Horie’s 12th single starts off with the a-side silky heart. This was a rather cute and engaging song. I don’t normally get into songs like this, it plays like an opening to an anime like Tokyo Mew Mew or something like that. The arrangement is I’m guessing suppose to be up-tempo, but it seems more on the mid-tempo side to me. Its pretty much techno and synth laced together and it pounds out at an consistent pace, despite being so plain. Yui’s vocals sound very child-like and immature, but it fit. I found it to be a somewhat fun listen.

The next track on the single is its b-side Love Countdown. Uh… yeah, this song certainly pops out at you and managed to ensnare my attention a lot more than the a-side did. I’m not really surprised though, especially not with a song called, Love Countdown. Just like the a-side its a pretty cute track, highly energetic and doesn’t slow down, so if you decide to dance to this???? You’re going to be very tired afterwards. I thought the best part of the song was the arrangement: the trumpets, horns? Whatever, were just incorporated so well into this track, it leaves you with a good feeling; an innocent kind of love.

The last track on the single is the brief Hoshizora to Pajama. I had a feeling this song was going to be short, I don’t know how, I just knew. This was pretty nice and I rather liked the slow pace of it and Yui’s soothing vocal performance.

Rating: ** stars

Yui Horie’s 12th single silky heart was pretty good. I mean I love anime music, I honestly do, it was how I got into Jpop and Asian music in the first place, but I’m not too fond of the cute-sy songs; these though were pretty tolerable. Love Countdown stood out more than the a-side and I liked it more than the a-side, they were both still good tracks though and even the brief Hoshizora to Pajama was a nice listen.


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