Se7en [Must Listen] (Second Korean Album)

April 24, 2009

Honey I Know
두걸음(Two Steps) (Feat. Perry)
문신 (Tattoo)
Se7en’s Love
I Just Know (interlude)
알아 (I Know)
오기 (Error) (Feat. Masta Wu)
Wishy Washy
Christmas With You
듣고 싶지 않은 말 (What I Don’t Want to Hear)
You’re My Everything
Real Love Story (Feat. Wheesung & Taebin)

The album starts off with the up-tempo 열정 (Passion). This is one of the first Se7en songs I ever heard and though it sounds oddly dated its still such a fun listen. The arrangement is so catchy and I’m sure when it first came out back in ’04 it was a hot dance track. Se7en has some good vocals, so I of course loved it in this, especially during the chorus where the song just shines. I also liked the little breakdown part, even if it was a little cheesy. This is an addicting and colorful track and a good start to the album.

The next track on the album slows the pace down with 욕심(Greed). I have never really paid attention to this track, but its pretty good. Its not a ballad, but its certainly down-tempo, a bit heavy and piano-driven which was nice. Se7en’s vocals are quite good in this, I love the emphasis he puts in on certain parts, brings a lot of character to the song and shows that he was really into it, without overdoing it. Ah, its a pretty deep song if you choose to look at it that way.

The next track on the album is Honey I Know. Wow, I honestly didn’t expect this track to go the way it did. Its heavy on the rnb and the arrangement isn’t anything I haven’t heard before, but its very sensual and appropriate. Se7en’s vocal performance was quite good and I really loved it when he broke down during the bridge, I was quite impressed, he displayed some strong vocals.

The next track on the album ups the pace a tad with 2Nite. This is definitely one of those songs you either like or don’t like, I like it even if it does tend to drag and plays like five minutes instead of four. The arrangement is typical and though snap and clap beats get so tiring, its oddly fitting in this song. Se7en gave a good vocal performance. This song is all right, but the chorus stands out.

The next track on the album is the brief 두걸음(Two Steps) (Feat. Perry). This is a pretty simple song. The arrangement is typical, though its nice and not as rnb as it could have been, a bit light, reminded me of J. Holiday or Trey Songz. Se7en’s vocals were pretty mild, but I liked his vocal performance and Perry’s rap was short and sweet, as it should have been.

The next track on the album is the smooth 문신 (Tattoo). This is a pretty simple rnb tune as well, but one I like a bit more than the previous. I never really paid attention to this song, but its a pretty nice slow jam from Se7en (I try not to think of Jordan Sparks song of the same name which I like… unwillingly). I love Se7en’s rather calm and soothing vocal performance, it really does give you the impression of a love that stays burned into your heart like a tattoo, long after that person is gone.

The next track on the album is the short Se7en’s Love. I’m very fond of this song, despite its under three minutes running time. The arrangement is simple rnb, which was nice and Se7en’s vocals were love, as they were very warm. I mean it was a bit typical how a song called ‘se7en’s love’ has him counting up to seven, but it was bearable and I always enjoy listening to this.

The next track on the album is I Just Know (interlude). A rather nice piano piece plays and then Se7en starts talking in uncertain Engrish and ends it with: ‘i just know’

The next track on the album seems to be an continuation of the interlude, 알아 (I Know). This track doesn’t stand out much, but its a pretty nice down-tempo ballad from Se7en. The arrangement isn’t exactly rnb, but its pretty smooth and mellow and a tad sparkly. Se7en’s vocal performance was very warm. This is a really charming song, I liked it.

The next track on the album ups the pace a tad with 오기 (Error) (Feat. Masta Wu). I’m honestly rather surprised I liked this song. The arrangement is somewhat mid-tempo and your typical rnb fare, but fitting. Se7en’s vocals are mild, but good and went well with the whole flow of the song. I don’t recall hearing Master Wu… this is one of those tracks you like just because you like the sound of it, there really isn’t any other reason.

The next track on the album is the rather surprising Wishy Washy. This is one track that stands out, because its clever in a very typical way. It sounds like the late 90’s early millennium rnb and I got such a Next vibe from Se7en. The arrangement does nothing new, or anything at all, but its catchy in a very indirect way. Se7en’s vocals were also pretty tame, which was appropriate. This is such a catchy, somewhat mid-tempo track, I really like this *repeat*.

The next track on the album is the soft Christmas With You. Its ‘attack of the random Christmas song’ alert and this album was released in July of ’04. Um, I didn’t think I was going to like this when I first heard it, though I have a tendency to somewhat go for original Christmas songs. This was nice, it really was. I just adored the light Christmas-y arrangement and Se7en’s sweet vocal performance, especially the: ‘Christmas with you’ parts.

The next track on the album is the down-tempo 듣고 싶지 않은 말 (What I Don’t Want to Hear). This is your typical down-tempo rnb crooner, with an angsty and somewhat dramatic arrangement and a pretty strong vocal performance from Se7en.

The second to last track on the album is the cute You’re My Everything. I don’t mean cute as in actually cute, just figuratively. This is a play off the, ‘you are everything and everything is you’ I thought it was clever and loved his use of hip-hop and rnb, it made the song a lot more engaging than it would have been. And even though its a bit on the cheesy side, I still found it a somewhat enjoyable listen.

The last track on the album is the infectious Real Love Story (Feat. Wheesung & Taebin). I love this song and I believe this was the first Se7en song I ever heard. Ah, I love how this song has three of my favorite K-poppers in it, especially Taebin, it really makes me miss 1tym. The arrangement is rnb and pop and oh so catchy, that and the chorus. I loved Se7en’s soft vocals and Wheesung’s strong blowing every one else out the water vocals and I’ve always love Taebin’s rap voice, its crazy because he raps so well, but he can sing pretty well on top of that, which is a rare feat. I never get tired of this track, its one of those songs that just makes you happy for no reason every time you hear it.

Rating: *** stars

Se7en’s second album Must Listen was really good and no I’m not being bias because its predominantly rnb, but it really is a good and rather quiet album; I think its his best yet, even better than his first album Just Listen in that’s the Se7en album I’m the most fond of. I like the casual approach he took this second time around, it doesn’t sound as immature as his first album or as wannabe as his third album, it sounds just right. I mean it isn’t a stand-out album, but for what it is its pretty nice and definitely a must listen; every single song on here was pretty darn good and I haven’t liked every track on an album since Bennie K.’s Essence. I’d recommend this album to anyone wanting to get into Se7en’s music, I really hope he puts out a fifth album soon (and gives this U.S. debut crap a rest).


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