Wonder Girls [Nobody] (2nd Single)

April 24, 2009

I Tried
Saying I Love You
Nobody (Rainstone Remix)

Wonder Girls 2nd single starts off with Intro. An orchestral chorus of the song. Nice.

The next track on the single is its a-side Nobody. I love this song, but to be truthful I’ve always thought the original was slow, this is my first time hearing the up-tempo version and I must say its addictive, no wonder there’s so many versions and covers of this track. The arrangement is quick and a sort of consistent snap and clap beat, that surprisingly never got old or annoying and it does make you think of either the 30’s or the 60’s. The vocal performances from of course Sunye and YeEun were nice, but SoHee’s voice is so weak that no matter how brief her parts are you always know its her. Yubin has a nice and rather harsh rap voice, I liked how she took the song out. I prefer the more down-tempo ‘nobody’ but this is quite good as well and I love how you can dance to it, it makes its an enjoyable as well as fun listen.

The next track on the single is its first b-side I Tried. This is no ‘this time’, but it gave me that vibe, especially when it first started off. The arrangement is a sort of sad tinkle like melody that was rather nice. The vocal performances were pretty good, rather stable and I liked that. The song was also pretty emotional, which I liked as well. The Wonder Girls has some pretty nice down-tempo tracks, but that could be because they specialize in rnb and I’m bias, or they’re just good at down-tempo ballads.

The next track on the album is its second b-side Saying I Love You. Its interesting how if you put this in the last track together its: ‘i tried saying i love you’ this is also a really nice ballad from the Wonder Girls. The arrangement isn’t as engaging or emotionally moving as the last, but its a pretty nice sad tune and went with the flow. I did think the vocal performances this time around were slightly better and a bit more emotionally felt. Though that high note that I believe Sunye hit was a little off. This is another nice, yet simple track.

The last track on the single is Nobody (Rainstone Remix). This is a more slower version of the original and I’m use to the down-tempo version, but not this one. It wasn’t bad per say, just boring.

Rating: ** stars

The Wonder Girls 2nd single Nobody was a pretty good single. I really like the original version of ‘nobody’ even if the more down-tempo is more appealing to me. The two down-tempo ballads tracks were also nice, because the Wonder Girl’s honestly do know how to deliver some good one’s. I didn’t really like the remix of ‘nobody’ it was just too slow and boring.


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