Two-Mix [Before the Ignition] (19th Single)

April 26, 2009

s19Before the Ignition
Do that Dance
At the End of Journey

Two-Mix’s 19th single starts off with the a-side Before the Ignition. This track really just jumps out at you, its almost refreshing. The arrangement has a bit of variety and definitely reflects the title, because it really makes you feel like you’re swooping through the clouds. Minami’s vocal performance was good, I quite like her voice. This was a nice a-side, though in truth its one of those songs that just fade into the background.

The next track on the single is its first b-side Do that Dance. This song starts out a bit slow and then towards the middle an end it seems to mimic the a-side in pace. The arrangement is light synth, it was pretty mysterious in the beginning, gave me a Detective Conan vibe and then it got kind of dance dance techno towards the end. Minami’s vocal performance was nice for the most part, but it got a bit grating as the song went along and she fell into that early Ayu, early Namie phase in regards to the highness of her tones. This is an all right track, but it does tend to drag a little after a while.

The last track on the single is its second b-side At the End of Journey. This plays like an alternate version of the a-side and I must say it certainly leaves more of an impression, despite being so plain. The arrangement is typical really, its pretty fast paced, like it never lets up and that keeps the interest level high. Minami’s vocal performance was pretty strong, in a weak sort of way. I like how she was definitely into the track, mostly during the chorus, that really made me pay attention to this, because my attention was certainly waning at the beginning, but it pulled itself together and became a nice and somewhat exciting listen.

Rating: ** stars

Two-Mix’s 19th single Before the Ignition was pretty good. I mean its there last, since they haven’t released a single since ’03, so if this is there last official single than it was a pretty good single to leave things off on. I just like how refreshing the a-side and third b-side sound, I mean they aren’t overtly interesting and they don’t stand out, but they still manage to be enjoyable. The first b-side is like the odd one out, but I still found that I liked it. Though nothing new or different, it was still a pretty nice listen.


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