Yuna Ito [miss you] (11th Single)

April 29, 2009

miss you
Urban Mermaid -Bittersweet Movement Blood-I Riddimix-

Yuna Ito’s 11th single starts off with the a-side miss you. This is coming from a huge fan of Yuna’s ballads, this song is boring. I’m almost tempted to spell the word out. I mean I had to listen to this song twice, because I foolishly thought it was all right on the first listen. The arrangement is nice and warm water lapping against the white sand of the shore, but stagnant kind of way. Yuna’s vocals are pretty nice as well, but I can not bring myself to even care. Its like the song has a good premise and a decent flow despite the sluggish-ness of it, but it honestly plays like lukewarm water. This is a pretty forgettable a-side and her weakest of the era (I honestly think I like ‘trust you’ more than this).

The second track on the single is its b-side BREEEEEZIN!!!!!!!. I know I said I’m all for Yuna releasing tracks a bit more up in the tempo, but not if they come out like this. ‘Koi no groovy’ this is not. I’ll admit this played a bit better than the a-side, but it still leaves no impression. I mean the arrangement continues the Hawaiian vibe Yuna was going for, though she made it a bit more festive in a rather dull way and her vocal performance was interesting, though not very engaging and she sounded weak, mostly during the chorus. I was glad to hear this mid-tempo track after the snooze-fest of the a-side, it woke me up, but its still just as forgettable.

The last track on the single is Urban Mermaid -Bittersweet Movement Blood-I Riddimix-. (sigh) I actually liked the remix of ‘miss you’ on the ‘koi no groovy’ single and I actually like the original version of this song; this remix I do not like. Its almost as boring as ‘miss you’.

Rating: 1/2 star

Yuna Ito’s 11th single miss you is as boring and dull as everyone said it was. I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt, because normally I love stuff other people hate and hate stuff other people like, but they hit the nail on the hammer. This is definitely the worst single of the era, it leaves no impression aside from the nice and light Hawaiian atmosphere and all of the songs are forgettable. At least the cover art is pretty, Yuna looks gorgeous.


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