Two-Mix [BPM 132] (First Album)

May 7, 2009


Just Communication
Good Dance!!
Thousand Nights
Silent Cruising
Callin’ You
Divin’ To Paradise
I Love You
Second Impression
You Can Do It

The album starts off with my favorite Just Communication. This is definitely the first Two-Mix song I ever heard and for some reason despite its outdated-ness, it just never gets old to me. I love how the arrangement sounds so Gundam-like, I mean yeah it was AC’s opening theme, but it just reminds me of being on the inside of Duo’s Shinigami or something. Minami’s vocals are rather cute in a computer-y and robotic kind of way. I like this song mostly because of the chorus and its always such a nice and nostalgic listen.

The next track on the album is the light Good Dance!!. I actually expected this song to be a bit more up-tempo than this, but I’m not complaining. I didn’t think I was going to like this, but it turned into quite the enjoyable listen. The arrangement was a bit quirky in the beginning and then it became mellow and rather Island-y, it was really nice and warm. Minami’s vocal performance was regular, but for some reason her mild vocals coupled with the arrangement made this song a little sad to me and made me think of giving way to a wistful smile: ‘i know this is good-bye, but lets not think about that right now and just dance’

The next track on the album is the underwhelming Thousand Nights. I’m not surprised that this song went the way it went, but I was at least hoping it’d be a bit more creative. The arrangement is a rather cliche Arabian beat, seemingly straight out of Aladdin and is as dull and uninteresting as an arrangement of this caliber can get. Minami’s vocal performance was decent, yet dull. I guess she was trying to mimic the arrangement, but it came off sounding like she was trying to charm snakes. This track is quite forgettable.

The next track on the album is the dismissible Friend. I’m not sure what I was just listening to, but I’m sure it sucked. The arrangement is watered down sparkle music. Minami’s vocal performance was pretty lukewarm, after a while I forgot I was listening to anything and was surprised when it ended. This goes completely over me.

The next track on the album is the synthy Silent Cruising. This song really made me think of the 80’s, but I honestly thought it was going to be a bit more smooth. I mean the arrangement is pretty crisp and catchy, for it to be mostly synth. I rather liked it. Minami’s vocal performance was fine, though a bit serious. I’m not sure what the verses were, because they seemed to bleed into the chorus, or I just found myself paying attention to the chorus. It stood out, what with how aggressive Minami was singing it.

The next track brings the pace down, with the first real down-tempo tune Callin’ You. This is pretty peaceful song, I love the calm atmosphere of it. The arrangement is very tranquil and subtly sparkly and made me think of waves which was really nice. Minami’s vocal performance was also pretty soothing, as if she was lulling someone to sleep. This is a rather lovely song.

The next track on the album is the refreshing Divin’ To Paradise. Its almost refreshing in a tiring and or exasperating way. It started out slow and then Minami’s bursts out with: ‘dive into paradise’ and the song is pretty up and down after that. The arrangement is pretty nice and made me think of people splashing around in the ocean, gave the song an air of contentment. Minami’s vocal performance was also pretty nice, though oddly dull in a way, since she really didn’t seem to be doing anything with it. This track is pretty half and half, but its a decent listen overall.

The next track on the album is the rather impact-ful I Love You. At first I thought this song was going to bore me to death, but somewhere in the middle, it got a bit interesting. The arrangement is pretty heart-wrenching, in a sparkly Magical Girl kind a way. Minami’s vocals were also pretty emotional, I would guess. I don’t recall the verses, but I do like how her voice rose during the chorus, it brought a bit of meaning to the title. I mean the song is pretty average, but it does somewhat leave an impression.

The second the last track on the album is the lukewarm Second Impression. Ah, for a song called ‘second impression’ I was actually expecting it to sound a bit more hard-hitting, or up-tempo and not so tropical? I mean the arrangement is nice and mellow and so is Minami’s rather tepid vocal performance, but it does get a bit tiring waiting for the song to go somewhere. Its a decent listen overall though.

The last track on the album is the underwhelming You Can Do It. This was a pretty annoying track. The arrangement’s trash and is as mediocre, generic and lazy as arrangements like this get. Minima’s vocal performance was ignorable, because all I heard was her saying: ‘you can do it now!’ in the most irritating tone. This is definitely one of the weakest album closers I have ever heard and what a shame considering its positive message.

Rating: * star

Two-Mix’s first album BPM 132 was rather average and mediocre, but I suppose that is to be expected considering it came out in ’95 and consisted mostly of techno-pop. It wasn’t a bad listen, I mean it does have my favorite Two-Mix track, ‘just communication’ and I kind a liked the flow. This album is decent considering its age, but its not memorable at all.

*This is an old review, this is the first of a slew of reviews I did before I decided to go on my hiatus. [March 30th, 2009]


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