Catcher In The Light

May 20, 2009 

This is my new blog, I started it a couple of days ago. I’ve completely changed up my reviewing style, so its a lot more fresh and interesting. I think I was just bored with the way I was reviewing, that in the fact that I was just entirely too busy to even bother. I’ll be reviewing the old with the new and also re-reviewing my reviews here, so drop on by and add me if you like. I’m back. ❤



4 Responses to “Catcher In The Light”

  1. solarblade Says:

    *gasp* of all the people, i didn’t see this coming at all. OHH did you see the new blog I started up? it’s got all of the j-pop reviewers bashing up random looking storm hahaha…i was gonna ask if u wanna join, but this sounds like ur gonna take a prolonged break ^_^ the invitation is still up ^_^

    • memoriesoflove Says:

      i know. its a surprise to me as well, but i think i just need some time to clear my head and perhaps i’ll return. i’ll probably only update it to post anime reviews, but i do think i’ll wake up one day and start reviewing albums and singles again. i have, its hilarious, i love it and i’ll definitely be keeping up with that blog as well as yours and others. thank-you!

  2. wjohns Says:

    hey, memory! i added your new blog to my blog-roll. by the way, i like the way you review stuff on your new blog.

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