Wheesung [It’s Real] (Second Album)

May 20, 2009


Set me free
다시 만난 날
I am missing you
With me
사랑하지 않을 거라면
말을 해줘
미워하고 싶은데
Pretty lady
Luz Control (Feat. Se7en & Lexy)

The album starts off with the Intro. Wheesung is talking at the start introducing himself as ‘real slow’ and then he starts singing and then there’s some clapping. Its a lot better then most intro tracks, but still a bit odd.

The next track on the album is the down-tempo Set me free. If Se7en makes me think of an Korean Usher than Wheesung definitely makes me think of an Korean Ginuwine. This has always been a song from Wheesung that I’ve particularly liked. The arrangement is heavy on the rnb, but very smooth and laid-back. Wheesung gave a nice strong vocal performance and the backing vocals were good as well. I love how the song ends with the rain falling. This is a really good track and a nice official start to the album.

The next track on the album keeps the down-tempo’s coming with 다시 만난 날. I’d have to say this is more of a power ballad, because Wheesung really does get into it. This is one of those tracks that I really need to listen to more often, what a good song and it reminds me of ‘from above’ off his first album. The arrangement is typical, but it does shift to match up with Wheesung, which makes it stand out a bit. Wheesung gave such a good and strong vocal performance and though I found it odd that he had a choir included in this, I did think it brought more depth to the track. Wheesung always has such good ballads.

The next track on the album is yet another down-tempo, I am missing you. This is one of the first Wheesung songs I ever heard and doesn’t really sound as impact-ful as it once did. Its your typical angsty ballad of love and longing, but its still a nice listen, because Wheesung’s vocals are great.

The next track on the album is the right around mid-tempo With me. This isn’t a bad song, but its just too abrupt for me and I don’t really like the flow or how its put together. I mean sometimes I do go for songs in which I only like the chorus, but I’m going to have to step back for this one, because even the chorus isn’t all that great. I do like Wheesung’s vocals though, because I always do. I figure if he would have just sung this instead of throwing in all that other stuff, I would have enjoyed it a lot more.

The next track on the album brings us to another down-tempo track 사랑하지 않을 거라면. Wheesung woos us once again with a ballad and this one is quite the tearjerker. I guess its the way Wheesung manipulates as well as controls his vocal tones during the chorus that makes it seem as if he is weighed down by a crushing sadness. This track isn’t anything Wheesung hasn’t already done, but it is rather poignant.

The next track on the album brings the pace back up a bit with Player. I was worried about this song for a second, with a title like ‘player’ I thought it was going to be like the annoying ‘corea new school’ or even ‘clubbin’ luckily its a somewhat mid-tempo party tune that is easy to swallow. The arrangement is typical, but smooth enough to work. I liked Wheesung’s vocal performance in this, he wasn’t trying so hard, but it just flowed out naturally making this song mildly catchy and surprisingly enjoyable.

The next track presents us with yet another ballad 말을 해줘. I can get down to Wheesung’s ballads more than his up-tempo’s, because I think he’s much better at ballads, if only because his strong vocals suit them more and gives his ballads more justice. This is a typical ballad of angst, but darn Wheesung for being such a good balladeer. The arrangement is a rather nice piano piece, I actually really liked it, because it managed to be sweet and sorrowful at the same time, making me think of someone smiling through the tears. Wheesung gives yet another good vocal performance, I quite liked the chorus.

The next track on the album is Interlude. Wheesung is conversing with some one else, at some point one of his songs starts playing in the background, it ends rather abruptly. Um?

The next track on the album is the mid-tempo Dilemma. This is a pretty typical rnb tune, with a simple swish beat and its moderately catchy, well mostly the chorus. I liked Wheesung’s vocals in this. Though I like this track, it does have the tendency to get old quick, which kind of knocks the enjoyment value down a pinch.

The next track on the album is the down-tempo 미워하고 싶은데. This is another ballad from Wheesung that I wasn’t sure if I too much liked on the first listen, the second listen its pretty decent. The song is rather slow and doesn’t really go anywhere, so it could come across as boring to most people, especially those who dislike ballads. Wheesung gives a good and rather emotional vocal performance, so that is really what bumped up the enjoyment factor, because the arrangement is a bit plain. This is not one of his stand-out, or even memorable ballads, but its a nice one to listen to if you want to wind down.

The next track on the album thankfully brings the pace back up a tad with Pretty lady. This is to me a better version of ‘she’s beautiful’. I’m actually surprised I like this track, because it does come across as a bit silly to me. I do like its charm, though. The arrangement is fresh, with a slice of rnb and makes me think of clear skies and sunny days. Wheesung’s vocal performance was good, he seemed pretty into the song as well. This track certainly picked the album back up a bit.

The next track on the album is another ballad, 미인. There comes a time when even I have to admit that there are far too many ballads on this album. This one in particular isn’t any different from the slew of ballads I’ve already heard; a simple arrangement and a nice vocal performance.

The next track on the album is the sweet yet sad Angel. This is one of the first Wheesung songs I ever heard and I still love it, even if Angel is just one of those song titles that every artist seems to do once, like ‘friend’ and ‘i love you’. The arrangement is appropriately depressing and angst ridden and Wheesung gave quite the heart-wrenching vocal performance. He sung this song in full English and it wasn’t half-bad. This is definitely the stand-out ballad on the album.

The next track on the album is Outro. This is actually an over one minute outro of the next track…

The last track on the album is Luz Control (Feat. Se7en & Lexy). This really sounds like a Se7en song. I love how catchy this song is and how Wheesung and everyone involved sounds so into it. The arrangement oozes rnb and is a near perfect club track, or track to play at a party to get everyone up and moving. I heard mostly Wheesung and Se7en, but it seemed like I heard Se7en more, I do not recall hearing Lexy (though someone who sounds oddly like G-dragon back in his younger days has a rap cameo). This is definitely an up-tempo track from Wheesung I can get into.

Rating: ** stars

Wheesung’s second album It’s Real was a nice album overall. The only problem I had with this was the abundance of down-tempo’s, yes, Wheesung’s voice is quite suited for ballads, but when there are so many that they start to bleed together with only a few really standing out, you have a problem. It tends to drag the album down and makes it less and less enjoyable the more you go along. I’m a bit amazed at how easy it was to review this album, because it was almost torture trying to get through For the moment mostly because of the length and the slew of crap songs. It’s Real plays like a ballad album, so if you’re a ballad whore, or you just simply like ballads and down-tempo’s, this is the album for you, because Wheesung has a great voice, so even if the songs are typical they are still enjoyable. Those that don’t too much like ballads or down-tempo’s, I’d say skip this, because that’s pretty much all Wheesung is offering this second time around.

*This is an old review, this is the first of a slew of reviews I did before I decided to go on my hiatus. [April 7th, 2009]


3 Responses to “Wheesung [It’s Real] (Second Album)”

  1. wjohns Says:

    I loved this album, ‘set me free’ was the first song i’ve ever heard from wheesung before listening to his ‘for the moment’ album. I was kinda putting off this album but I felt bad for doing that because this album was just so good 🙂

    • memoriesoflove Says:

      The first song I believe I heard by Wheesung was ‘letter of love’ or something like that, his vocals blew me away and I haven’t turned back since. He also makes me think of Hwanhee from FTTS, who also has an incredible strong voice suited for rnb.

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