Tsubasa Chronicle [Season One] (Review)

May 22, 2009

I loved Card Captor Sakura, in fact its like in my top 5 favorite animes EVER so when I stumbled upon Tsubasa Chronicle and saw Syaoran and Sakura, my favorite hetero anime couple, I was a little more than ecstatic, especially considering the fact that they weren’t those cute little elementary kids anymore. Tsubasa is an anime that you really have to get used to, and you’d definitely have to be a fan of the CLAMP universe to enjoy this, since you get the treat of seeing all your favorite characters from their other works. I thought that was neat, and well the premise of the show is pretty good as well.

Sakura ends up losing her memory thanks to some prophecy and now its up to Syoaran to travel to different worlds, retrieve her feathered memories and give them back to his most precious person. It comes with a price of course, because according to Yuuko in order for her to grant your wish you have to give up something of equal value, thus Sakura will regain her memory back as her feathers are retrieved, but she will not remember Syoaran, as in the Syaoran that she fell in love with, those memories of him will never return. I thought it was pretty stupid at first, I mean they’ll just make new memories of one another on there journey, but its actually quite sad once you get into the series and realize how much Sakura cares for him, or well how much they care for each other. I mean its a bit heartbreaking that she’ll never remember him the way he was, so all those times they shared and them growing up together and whatnot, is forever lost. Its rather painful.

The first season of Tsubasa Chronicle is pretty slow, I’ll admit that I was bored to tears more than a couple of times and actually gave up on this series, because it seemed to be going nowhere fast. I mean even when stuff was happening, it just seemed to drag on in the most tedious way and it was all very frustrating. In fact despite my undying love for Sakura and Syaoran they are not the reason I finished this season or am continuing with it, the credit goes solely to the two original characters: Kurogane and Fai, who are the most interesting characters this show has to offer. I mean they are your typical dark and brooding and light and lovable characters, but they are very complex, especially Fai who I’ll admit is one of the most abstract anime characters I have ever come across and I can not wait until more of his dark and messy past is unearthed, because honestly him and Kurogane are in for quite a turbulent ride and I’m going to love every minute of it.

Sakura and Syaoran are tolerable in there own right, but for some reason they just seem too perfect, almost to the point of it being ridiculous. I mean of course they aren’t going to act like how they acted in the original series, but I mean when there scenes come up its almost like watching paint dry, they’re so two-dimensional and they aren’t interesting or engaging at all. It also drives me crazy when Sakura insists on saying ‘Syaoran-kun’ every chance she gets, I kind of want to strangle her every time his name comes out her mouth. So suffice it say I have a love hate relationship with them, but it definitely leans more towards hate, because they honestly offer nothing outside of being that obvious couple who you know are just going to get together at some point and you wish they would just hurry it up already, and will Syaoran stop calling her ‘hime’ goodness, he’s known her since they were kids! If he gets any more polite I think I’m going to kill myself. Why did CLAMP have to make my favorite pairing so BORING!? Why!?!

I haven’t discussed animation or music in my other anime reviews, but I do like the animation in this and the music is good, which is to be expected from a series like this. I had no problem with either. I mean the first season of Tsubasa dragged and was just way dull, I mean I think I would have got more action out of watching grass grow and even though its refreshing seeing the other characters of the CLAMP universe even they put me a coma; everything about this anime with the exception of Kurogane and Fai was stagnant, that is until the last six episodes. I mean I was practically snoring and then BAM! interesting stuff starts happening, and I’m actually finding myself paying attention and anxious to see the next episode, so yeah, the last six episodes definitely saved me from scrapping this anime. Though in all honesty I would have kept up with this series anyways, if only for the Kuropipi and Fai-san eye candy and character development as well as there relationship with one another which is very intriguing (I so wish CLAMP would let them get together!).

I’m really hoping the second season keeps the pace of the last six episodes, otherwise I don’t know how I’m going to endure it. I’m definitely interested though in seeing what the second season has to offer, so be looking out for my review of that whenever I finish watching it.



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