My name is kawaiineyo, not really but that’s the web name I go by. I’m more often than not called Neyo for short. I’m twenty years old and surprisingly enough I am an African-American female who happens to enjoy Asian music immensely. I actually listen to it more than I listen to American Music. I have a lot of favorite artists Jpop, Kpop and CPop wise, but if I had to say my favorites they would be:

JPop – Bonnie Pink (Utada Hikaru)

KPop – Lena Park (BoA)

CPop – Faye Wong (Jay Chou)

I also listen to American music of course and my favorites on that side of the world would be:

Female – Whitney Houston (Mariah Carey)

Male – Michael Jackson

My favorite genre of music is:

RnB, but you’ll find that I’ll listen to almost anything for experimental purposes or just to hear something new. Rock is a guilty pleasure of mine and I find that I enjoy Pop and a smidgen of Country and I’m really into Indie Music. The only genre of music that I am wary of really is Techno, but I have been known to dabble in it. I’m not adverse to it, I’d just rather not listen to it on an regular basis.

I started this blog because I wanted to express my opinions on Asian music from a black female’s perpective, since its rare that an African-American is even interested in this sort of music, though its not unheard of. I just thought that my opinion mattered and I wanted to express it, whether people agreed with what I had to say or not. I must say that’s it very tiring and time consuming, but I love it.

I decided upon the name memoriesoflove really because I wanted a name with depth and something that reflected who I was as a person. I think I got it right.

I want to some time in the near future add more entertaining blog entries so that more people will feel inclined to come visit my blog and won’t be bored to death with all the review entries. I want to add in movie, anime and possibly manga reviews too, but I’m still debating on that. The only one that is really likely are the movie reviews, but there’s hope yet for the anime and manga reviews.

I’ll probably add more to this when I think of something…

I hope all that visit enjoy reading me talk about my favorite artists and their music, I think I get a little bit personal with my entries but that’s because its my opinion. I either like it or I don’t, there’s really no inbetween.

memoriesoflove (kawaiineyo, neyo, celia)


27 Responses to “About”

  1. tangy Says:

    hey there…i stumbled upon your blog and i just wanted to say that i appreciate the time you put into your reviews
    you’re actually quite “strict” about your music…i dunno how else to put it
    i like that because i am too i guess
    i expect a lot out of the artists i like and i hate when people go “OMGdfjasdkj i luuuuuv it and everything else he/she sings” -.-
    a little critic is good ^^

    just a request…i would like to see some reviews on khalil fong! he’s my favorite ❤

    • memoriesoflove Says:

      thank-you. i think you’re the first and only person to comment ever who actually gets where i’m coming from. i mean just because you really like an artist doesn’t mean that everything they do is just perfect, even great artists like hikki can pop out some duds. thank-you so much, reviewing really does take a lot out of me and it is so time-consuming and tiring and i don’t really think people get it. i’m glad you do though, thanks! ❤

  2. tangy Says:

    no prob! keep up the great work!
    i know it’s very time consuming but it’s very appreciated ^.^
    i’m going to read up some reviews on the japanese artists since i haven’t really gotten into jpop or jrock yet^^

  3. solarblade Says:

    rawr! Thx, I know I’ve been getting some unknown artists some new ground online, hope to have more too. Some of your artists I’ve never heard of and I wanna try out ^_^

  4. Renaldo Says:

    Hello, there, Memory. I too am an african american (male) who also listens and loves asian music. I actually listen to anything from Japan/Korea that has a good beat or lyrics. As for Chinese music, I can’t get into it but I do love Jay Chou.

    • memoriesoflove Says:

      Oh wow, I’m really glad to hear that. I like Japanese most of all, but I’m a bit different from you because I kind of enjoy Chinese music more than Korean music. Jay Chou’s always a great starting point, but JJ Lin and David Tao are good as well and female wise Faye Wong is excellent.

  5. nicedream12 Says:

    wow this is funny… i never thought i will meet an A-A liking Asian music! lol i am African female myself… live in the USA for quite a while… been in love with Asian music since 2007 when my sister when to an international convention in her university! I started by liking Korean music first but i was drawn away by the prejudice and all that stuff… but I love Japanese soo much that I am taking it next semester in fall so i can finally catch what they say in the songs (i know it won’t take this long but it’s okay we all have a starting point!)
    oh well it was really nice stumbling on ur web!

    • memoriesoflove Says:

      Really? I thought the same thing, I think its great. I got started with Japanese and Chinese music, I like Korean, but the least and I agree, the prejudice is ridiculous and a turn off. So glad you managed to stumble upon it, its good to know I’m not the only one! ❤

  6. Ashen Twilight Says:

    Hi! would you like to exchange links?



  7. wjohns Says:

    hey, memory! i’m coming out with an album myself in november; i’m calling it ‘the one (chosen)’

    here’s the link if you wanna listen to my songs; i’m still working at it day by day. i’m an unsigned artist but i consider myself an indie artist.


    • memoriesoflove Says:

      that’s really cool, especially considering i hope to break into the music scene at some point, and i’d definitely consider myself an indie artist as well. i’ll definitely give your songs a listen when i find the time (or when i get internet back on my lap top)! ❤

  8. wjohns Says:

    hey, memory! i reviewed BoA’s US debut album and Shota Shimizu’s newest single if you wanna read them just click my name in blue, if you laptop is okay now.

  9. Jeremy Says:

    Hey kawaiineyo! I just wanted to stop by and say that i thoroughly enjoy reading your work here.It is rare to see non-asian people like you, that can appreciate asian music in the seriousness that you do. I have to say that your c-pop reviews are great! I share many of the same views on many of the albums that you critiqued. and you have now officially gotten me into J-pop!. I hope you will come back and review some more! and you should def listen to sixology.it has a lot of tracks that make the album well worth having. and i was also surprised that you didn’t review Leehom Wang. He is one of the greatest c-pop artists in the business! well….. thanks again for all your wonderful work. and i how to see more of you stuff in the future!

    • memoriesoflove Says:

      thank you and i’m so glad you enjoy my reviews. i want to come back and review but i really have to get myself back in that mind set. i mean i fell that i shouldn’t use not understanding the language as an excuse to not review the music seriously. i mean regardless i know what’s good and what isn’t. i’ve listened to sixology and thought it was a good album, i really love jj lin and he’s surpassing jay chou in my book. i’ve been meaning to do lee wanghom because i like him i think he has a beautiful voice, but he has so many albums its a bit off-putting, i’ll see though if i ever start reviewing again. i’m also glad that i got you into jpop, i love it! thanks again and i hope you continue to enjoy my blog.

  10. wjohns Says:

    hey, memory! did you ever get a chance to listen to my songs yet? what do you think of them?

    • memoriesoflove Says:

      English is not your first language, I’m curious as to what ethnicity you are so I can properly offer some constructive criticism, though I can say now I’m diggin’ the cover of Faith Evans, she use to be all that back in the 90’s.

  11. wjohns Says:

    just to let you know, i’m 100% black and english is pretty much the only language i know but i’m trying to work on japanese and spanish so i can add some variety to my album (by the way, i have a mild case of autism, just to let you know and that’s probably why my voice might sound like that.)

    • memoriesoflove Says:

      i’m shocked, i seriously thought you were asian i hope i didn’t come across as offensive. are you speak-singing or is it because of the autism? i’m not saying that you’re bad, its just i can’t really tell if you’re singing or not.

  12. wjohns Says:

    no, no. you’re fine, that was just something i felt like getting off my chest but i’m 100% singing. by the way, i don’t get offended easily 🙂

    • memoriesoflove Says:

      i’m glad, i was thinking i hope he isn’t mad at me, because i honestly didn’t know. its so cool to know that you’re black too, we’re pretty scarce you know, lol. i don’t get easily offended either.

  13. wjohns Says:

    by the way, besides the cover of faith evans’ song, what other songs do you like from my album? i know it’s kind of weird to like your own music but my favorite songs from my own album are ‘tell me why’ (which i sampled the beginning of utada’s song ‘another chance’) and ‘let u go’ (which i think put a little bit personality into – vocal wise.)

  14. Zero Says:

    Can I know more about your other favourite artist from jpop cause i think its not enough for me because i want to get the best song from someone

    • memoriesoflove Says:

      Are you talking about Utada? Because she has a ton of good songs, its really hard to pick just one, but as far as favorites go though, its ‘first love’

      • Zero Says:

        Thanks for the information
        so can you do the review for jrock song after this? i really want to find a good jrock song

  15. Zero Says:

    I really like your blog and i think you should keep it up

    • memoriesoflove Says:

      Thank you, maybe I’ll come back someday. To answer your question up above, I’m not really that into Jrock, so i’d be of no help there, sorry!

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